Quickly test hardware of your computer and check if it is compatible to play games

You can quickly test the hardware of your computer and see if it is suitable to play or if you need to change it with a more powerful one.

Would you like to buy the new edition of your favorite game but are not sure if your computer has the right features to play it? To avoid spending unnecessary money you can check the compatibility of your PC through the online service “Can You RUN it“.

This online tool allows us to perform a test of our computer in order to know if it is compatible or not with a specific game. To use it, go to the site www.systemrequirementslab.com with our browser (recommended to use Chrome ), type in the Search for a game the name of the game and press the Can You Run It button.

A window opens, allowing us to choose between two options. Let’s leave the first one selected, that is Desktop App and click on the Start button. We save the executable file Detection.exe on our PC and at the end of the download click on it to start it.

This small tool will perform an analysis of the hardware of our computer to compare it with the minimum and recommended requirements for the game. At the end of the analysis, the analysis tool window is automatically closed and the final response is displayed on the browser page.

In case our pc is not compatible with the game, we will be able to check which hardware component needs an update so that we can install it. Can You RUN it, in fact, allows us to check also the minimum and recommended requirements for the game that interests us, and offers us a detailed component by component.

If, however, our computer has a configuration suitable to run the game, by clicking on the CHECK PRICING button we can quickly check the price on Amazon and buy it.