How to see a websites used to look in the past

Here is where to find the time machine that allows us to browse the websites as they were in the past.

The Wayback Machine is definitely one of the most incredible online resources because it allows us to read the old pages of the websites taking a dip in the past. It’s a bit like a time machine through which we can browse websites as they were 5, 10 or even 20 years ago.

Just like in a library where we can find old newspapers, on the Wayback Machine we find the old pages of websites, even those sites that are no longer online. We want to find out how the first page of the Republic opened on the first day of the year? Or are we curious to find out how a site has evolved over time? Or have we lost the news reported on a site for a certain day?

With the Wayback Machine we can navigate back in time and take away every curiosity. This fantastic service has cataloged over 279 billion web pages from 1996 up to today. To access it you do not need a card or subscription: just any browser and point to the page.

To consult the archive, we must first type the address of the site in the field above and click on the Browse History button. Using the time bar we can then choose the year of reference. Below will be shown the days for which snapshots are available.

Passing the mouse pointer on any day we can view the snapshots captured within 24 hours and click on the one of which we want to open the page.

And if we do not remember the exact address of the site we want to re-explore, no problem. Going to we can access the beta version of the Wayback Machine that allows us to search for a site by keywords. It does not matter if we do not remember the url because the related sites will be suggested when we start typing the name in the top field.