How to scheduled festival or birthday Greetings on WhatsApp

In this guide we will see how to scheduled and send Christmas and New Year’s or Birthday greetings on iOS and Android easily. 

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging apps to communicate: sending scheduled messages is a really useful function, especially in view of Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2019, when the greeting messages clog up chat rooms around the world. Not many people know how to schedule messages on WhatsApp, so you do not miss a birthday or a wish without having to have the smartphone at hand.

Programming the sending of a message is an operation that can be useful on several occasions: there are those who will save themselves from the girl (or the boy) offended for the missed good morning (or goodnight), who can make sure not to lose a more birthday and who can send the year-end wishes in time for midnight.

WhatsApp does not allow, of course, this type of operation, but there are several external apps and third parties that can allow us to send scheduled messages (for a precise date and a precise time). Here are what they are and how they work.

Send scheduled messages on WhatsApp with SKEDit

SKEDit is an excellent application to program the sending of precompiled messages: the app, unfortunately, is only available for Android: unfortunately the App Store of iOS is lacking of really working apps in this sense, and mostly are addressed to the only programming of normal messages.

Returning to SKEDit, the app is able to program calls, SMS, messages on Facebook Messenger and Gmail (in addition to using one of the previous social as a log in for the creation of an account). As soon as downloaded and started, to program a message you will first need to select the name of the recipient, choose between the numbers and the email contacts in the address book, write your message and select the day and time (or frequency) in which you want us to send your best wishes or your communication.

An overview of SKEDit, the app that allows sending automatic messages on WhatsApp

SKEDit also has several other options like “Remember me before sending“, which allows you to receive an alert notification before the final sending of the programmed message.

SKEDit is a good solution for sending scheduled messages, both on WhatsApp and on other social networks, just to be officially present in the Google Play Store. On Android it is possible to install totally external apps, through root and apk, which however seriously endanger your smartphone and the data contained in it (often leading to an unavoidable general cleaning of the device).

The only possible alternative for iPhone with iOS would be to resort to the jailbreak procedure, ie the forced modification of your Apple device. This practice is strictly forbidden by the apple, leading to the direct cancellation of the warranty: our advice is to avoid using this forcing iOS systems and, alternatively, use an Android smartphone with SKEDit.

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