How to score well in FIFA and Defend Goals

As a classic football game, FIFA’s main goal is goal and victory, but whoever doesn’t score, takes it. It is necessary to learn how to defend and avoid taking opponent goals. See tips on how to score well in FIFA, whether in versions 19 or 20.


FIFA basics

Following closely what we have seen in the series for some time, FIFA 20 brought several innovations to the controls, especially stability. This goes far beyond graphical evolution and is essential for a game where it is necessary to have a lot of skill.

As mentioned, the goal is to score goals, no matter the mode, whether it is in FUT, quick matches, tournaments or even online multiplayer. The ideal is to always train to know the basics of FIFA and also its commands in each version.

Every year, a new FIFA is launched and, with it, we can have small changes in the controls. But nothing that a few minutes of training does not solve, according to the availability of the game for players.

How to score in FIFA 1

And defending is never easy, in any version of FIFA, since taking a goal can represent the fate of a team in a league, for example.


Before knowing tips for scoring and defending in FIFA, know or remember the controls in their basic form;

Basic controls

MovementLeft analogLeft analog
RunHold R2Hold RT
Changing players in defenseL1LB
Switch manual playerRight analogRight analog
Jockey / Protect the ballHold L2Hold LT
Skill rollRight analog with ball possessionRight analog with ball possession
Fake without failR1 + Left analogRB + Left analog
Stop the ballPress R2 without touching the analog stickPress RT without touching the analog stick
Slow dribbleL1 + Left analog in any directionLB + Left analog in any direction
Racing DribbleL1 + R1 + Left analog in any directionLB + RB + Left analog in any direction
Cross passSquareX
Shot on goalBallB

Now learn defense-focused controls. They are important for learning to defend well.

Defense controls

Ball disputeBallB
Get up fast after fallingSquareX
Clear area (With the ball)BallB
Contain ballHold XHold the A
Contain ball of ally playerHold R1Hold RB
JockeyHold L2Hold LT
Running JockeyHold L2 and R2Hold LT and RT
Press on the runPress and hold BallPress and hold B
I play hardHold Ball While Playing BallHold B while playing ball
Facing defensive playerL2 + Analog from left close to opponentLT + Analog from left near opponent
Change control to goalkeeperPress the Touch PadPress the View button

How to score in FIFA

To score in FIFA you need to learn to steal the ball, mainly, but also know how to dribble opponents to escape with the “ball”.

The most important function to score in FIFA is that of Jockey, one of the defensive commands. With it the player directly marks the opponent who is in possession of the ball and tries to surround him in all directions.

How to score in FIFA 2

It is possible to combine Jockey with running, which makes defense and scoring even more efficient. To do this, combine the Jockey button with the racing button.

Steal the ball

The steal, square or ball buttons, depending on the platform, also offer a great opportunity for those who want to prevent a counterattack, but it is good to use them with care, as they can force a foul against your team.

The most interesting thing about FIFA is that the game allows you to modify the difficulty on several levels, from the easiest to the most difficult. This is extremely useful, as the player does not always have complete control of the game.

Of course, in the easiest difficulty, defending and scoring becomes an incredibly casual task. But don’t forget to increase the difficulty gradually, as you get used to commands and the level of complexity of the matches.

The tips in this text apply both to the main FIFA modes and to Volta – which is a kind of street football. Although Volta has fewer rules in relation to matches, such as absence of fouls, sides and other small details.

The rest is up to the player and according to his training or skill with the controls.

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