How to see who viewed your facebook profile

No, you’re not paranoid. If you want to see who looks at Facebook, you will have your good reasons. Finding out who is looking at your profile, in fact, you could get interesting information about the users who follow you on Facebook, the kind they watch and when they do. Although this may be useful to many people, however, the policy of data protection implemented by the social network makes it rather complex to succeed. For these reasons, you have investigated the issue by looking on the web.

As specified in the social network FAQs: “Facebook does not provide applications or groups that allow users to view who has visited the profiles or statistics on the frequency with which a certain content has been viewed and by whom”. Translated into simple words, there are no proprietary applications or tools that let you know who looks at Facebook. If someone proposes you to do it, do not follow his advice: he’s trying to cheat you. Let’s see instead what can be viewed in a lawful manner.

How to see who looks at Facebook profile

Thanks to some tricks (all lawful and allowed by Facebook, is clear), you could try to trace the username of those who entered your profile to see the photos and posts that you publish.

In the guide that follows, I’ll explain just how to see who looks at Facebook profile using iPhone, Android or PC. Also, I’ll show you what to do to defend your personal data and your information from digital snouts of all kinds. All you need to continue is a bit of patience and a few minutes of your free time.


How to find out who follows us on Facebook

A useful clue that lets you see who looks at Facebook, comes from the list of people who follow your updates. This is a special list made up of those friends who receive a notification every time you publish a new post (text, photo or video).

To check the list of followers, access your Facebook profile from a PC. Then, open the list of friends and hover over the word “More“, which you find in the row just above the list of friends. In the pop-up menu, click on Followers and wait for the page to load. From there, you will see all those interested in your publications.

Take advantage of the stories

Moved by Instagram, Facebook Stories are a great tool to see who looks at Facebook. Exactly as on the photo social, even on the “cousin” platform you can access the so-called Stories views to consult the list of those who have seen them. Of course, it will not be a certain and unchanging proof of those who visit your Facebook profile, but it is still a starting point to try to understand it. After all, even to see who looks at the Instagram profile, this trick is used.

Accessing the Stories view list is all in all simple. Just press on your story, then on the icon in the shape of an eye that appears at the bottom left and wait a few moments.

Delete the spy apps

As I have already had the opportunity to tell you, there is no precise method that allows you to see who looks at Facebook. If, by any chance, you installed an app that promised to do it, you should delete it, because it’s probably a spy app.

To check which applications have access to your profile, click on the inverted triangle icon (the vertex is down) and choose Settings. In the left column, choose the App and websites entry to access the list of services that have access to your profile and the information in it. To eliminate those that seem abnormal or unknown to you, just select them, click on Remove and confirm your choice.

Protect your privacy

If you want to prevent your posts from being spied on, in addition to seeing who looks at your Facebook profile, you could check the privacy settings of your account. So you can check who can read your posts, send friend requests, view the list of your friends and so on. Choose your preferences based on your privacy needs, remembering that personal data is increasingly important and, at the same time, increasingly in danger.

To change the privacy of your account, open the settings of your profile (read in the previous paragraph how to do it) and, in the left column, click on the entry Privacy. Here, edit the entries as you see fit and then save the configurations you have made. For example, if you want to prevent anyone reading what you write, change the settings for “Who can see your future posts“.Instead, to not show your friend list to strangers, change the settings for “Who can see your friends list“. Continue in this way, configuring all the items in this section. The effect will be approximately immediate.

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