How Shoppable Images Can Increase eCommerce Holiday Sales

How Shoppable Images Can Increase eCommerce Holiday Sales

Since the old times where traditional brick and mortar stores used to attract hundreds of customers daily, times have evolved and new trends have hit the market.

Talking about this holiday season, visual marketing has become the winsome strategy for all the online brands and marketers. Brands have started leveraging this strategy to capture customers’ attention and trigger them to engage with the brand.

One of the most popular trends of this strategy is Shoppable Images. It has opened the doors for modern-day shopping, providing the customers with an easy way to shop. 

Want to know more about Shoppable images and their benefits? Give this blog a 5 mins read and convert your eCommerce stores into a Shoppable feed.

What Are Shoppable Images?

Have you ever seen images with a tag of a shopping bag, while scrolling down your social media platform? These attractive images are known as Shoppable Images.

Simply defined, Shoppable images is the concept of a new-age marketing tactic, where the brands advertise their products visually by using compelling and exquisite images. They add product tags to these images, including the product price, product description, product specification, and buying CTA.

This merchandising of the product in the visual form activates millions of online shoppers’ desires and turns their point of attraction into sales for the brand. 

How Shoppable Images Help The Brands During The Holiday Season?

Shoppable Images give the visual content the essence of instant shopping functionality. It allows the brands to display the most authentic content i.e. UGC to showcase the incorporation of the product in the lifestyle, along with a Shop Now feature.

They help the brands to display high-quality enticing images with detailed product descriptions to let the customer buy the product from the post directly, without even leaving the app.

There are various marketing platforms, where you can use these shoppable images to turn engagement into conversions.

  • Instagram Shoppable Images
  • Facebook Shoppable Images
  • Pinterest Buyable pins
  • Google Shoppable Image Ads, etc.

With these shoppable images, brands can infuse the charisma of festivity and holiday, and provide the customers with amazing and creative visuals having “shop now” functionality. This will enrich their feeds and will magnetize more customers towards your brand this holiday season, and forever.

There exist many benefits of shoppable images for the brands as well as for the customers.

Benefits Of Shoppable Images For Brands

Shoppable Images displays the brand’s authenticity with User-Generated Content

With time advancement, customers have started believing in recommendations from their known or online platforms to initiate their purchase journey.

Branded content no more triggers the desires of the customers. To make their products look more reliable and valuable, brands display UGC collected from diverse platforms. This UGC is the most trustworthy content that attracts more customers towards the brand.

With this, brands can gain customer allegiance and can strengthen their trusted relations with the customers.

Shoppable Images accelerates the purchase journey of the customers

Unlike traditional eCommerce stores, where the path between inspiration and purchase is full of complexities, leading to a common issue of cart abandonment. 

The shoppable images have reduced the customers’ purchase barriers with a streamlined shopping experience and a comfortable shopping journey.

By adding shoppable tags to the images, customers can directly land on the payments page with just one click. In fact, this allows the customers to shop directly from the post without even leaving the page. This helps the customers to shop from their comfort zones especially during this season of holidays.

Shoppable Images drives the possibility of influencer marketing

Social media influencers are capable of shaping their followers’ purchase decisions with their appealing and tantalizing content and images. They can provoke their fans to invest in the brand they are endorsing.

This concept of shoppable images has opened the doors for social media influencers to attract more customers towards the brand. Customers feel overwhelmed when they see their favorite celebrity advertising for the brand and using its products.

Influencer marketing also increases brand awareness as with this, the product images can roll into the feed of these influencers’ followers.

Shoppable Images helps brands with improved sales 

Shoppable images create a direct link between the brand and the customers and let the brands’ likes and dislikes.

Brands can know what stops their customer from scrolling down and can provide them with an attractive personalized feed to better interact with them.

During the holiday season, when the customers are eager to shop, shoppable images increase customer engagement towards the brand. Also, the fastened purchase journey makes the customers feel for the brand and invest in it. It, therefore, helps the brands to boost conversion rates and magnify sales.

Tools To Leverage Shoppable Images

Visual Commerce Tools

Visual commerce Tools helps the brands to collect and curate the relevant content from various sources into a unified feed. This feed can be adorned with shoppable tags using these platforms.

There are many visual commerce platforms such as Taggbox Commerce that can help your brand create their own Shoppable feed using Shoppable images.

This tool by Taggbox can help the brands to increase conversion rates and build trust among their customers.

With Taggbox commerce you can customize and moderate your shoppable feed to display the most exquisite and best quality content.

Also, it allows you to collect content (also UGC) from various sources such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, and is responsive and compatible with multiple website building platforms.

Instagram Shoppable Images

Instagram provides a free option to create your shoppable Instagram feed, but Business Account users can only access this option. It allows the brands to add shoppable tags to the images they have posted on their business profile.

Using this feature of Instagram, brands can display price tags, product descriptions, and much more along with the product image they have posted. This can help the customers to discover the products \easily and get a quick link to the payments page.

Final words

Shoppable images have carved out the most attractive way of merchandising the products. It is the best marketing strategy that a brand can leverage to provide their customers with a smooth shopping experience.

With this, brands can engage more and more customers during this holiday season and can power-up their business to the next level with improved sales and revenue.

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