PDF Wiz : The Ultimate Free Toolkit for PDF Conversions

What will you do if you want to convert a file to a pdf format? will definitely search “online pdf converter” on google, right? so, why we need to have a software installed on our computer to do a task that can be easily done online? The main underlying point if you use online tools is that your safety & privacy will be on someone else hands. We don’t know the back end of those online tools and also they are not even letting us know how our data is protected. There are high chances for privacy breach if we use such websites.

PDF Wiz from StarZSoft is a free and trusted software which can be used for all conversions “to” and “from” pdf. The main advantage of using an offline utility over online tools is that you can perform all the operations without internet access so that there will be no privacy breaches. If you are a user of PDF Wiz then you will get the full luxury of using all the features for 100% free without any feature limit.

Unlike the other softwares, you don’t have to register on PDF Wiz to activate it. It is possible to do all the operations as simple as picking a flower from the garden. Now let’s take a look through the possible conversions.

  • PDF to Word – You can convert the pdf files to editable word format
  • PDF to Powerpoint – Can able to convert pdf to PPT or PPTX formats
  • PDF to Excel – Very useful feature, you can use it for different kinds of analysis
  • PDF to Text – Converts into simple texts so that you can extract the content only.
  • PDF to HTML – Unique ability of PDF Wiz to get HTML file from pdf
  • PDF to Image – The most commonly used and efficient feature.
  • Word to PDF – Docs to PDF conversions also possible
  • Images to PDF – Can merge and convert multiple images into single PDF.

PDF Wiz not only includes conversions but it also has some additional powerful features. let’s see one by one.

Split PDF

It helps to separate a pdf file into multiple files. You can do it in a split from where you want manner. This feature will be really helpful for students who need only some portions of the textbooks.

Merge PDF

If suppose you are having multiple scanned bills in the format of pdf and if you want to merge all into a single pdf file to submit in your office for medical allowance, then you can use the merge feature of PDF Wiz.

Compress PDF

Even though today we have terabytes of free spaces it is always better to store compressed files. So file handling will become more easy.

Extract Images from PDF

Say goodbye to screenshots (PrtSc). You don’t have to press the PrtSc button, again and again, to get images from the pdf files. By using the extract images feature of PDF Wiz you can simply do the task with simple clicks.

Extract Pages from PDF

On some occasions, you may have to change the order of the pages in the pdf document. If you have PDF Wiz installed on your computer then you can extract each and every page and then you can decide the order.

Password Management

The software also supports password management. You can able to set password for the documents.

How to use the utility:

  • Download and install PDF WIZ on your PC first.
  • If suppose you want to convert an word to PDF, just click on the option Word to PDF.

  • Simply drag and drop the file or click on the add file option.
  • Now just click on the convert now button. boom!!! your file is converted. You can decide where you want to save your file.

If you like to have this powerful utility visit the official site of StarzSoft and download PDF WIZ. No more fear of privacy breaches.

If you are not satisfied with the features presented by this tool then we would like to recommend you onlypdf which give you the functionalities of Watermark PDF, Lock PDF and many more.

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