How to solve Galaxy S9 fingerprint scanner problem

In this article, we see how to solve Galaxy S9 fingerprint scanner problem. Samsung last year advertised the Galaxy S8 as a phenomenal phone, but the device was released with an annoying flaw, which was the positioning of the fingerprint scanner. A year later, Samsung listened to users and solved this mistake with the Galaxy S9, quickly becoming one of the best Android devices of the year.

While the placement of the fingerprint sensor is no longer a problem, the problem of the Galaxy S9 fingerprint scanner still exists. Several Internet users have reported that the error “the fingerprint sensor has stopped working” continues to be seen from time to time, and seems to have become a very common problem.

This problem occurs when using the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S9, there are a few ways to try to solve it. Because the problem is widespread, we can expect Samsung to solve this problem through a software update shortly, but until then, here are three solutions you can try to solve the problem of the Galaxy S9 fingerprint scanner.

How to solve Galaxy S9 fingerprint scanner problem

Solution 1: Reset the fingerprint settings

Even the user of XDA tsiglas pointed out that users of the Galaxy S9 have a problem with the fingerprint scanner, this indicates that it is a software problem rather than hardware. To get started, you can try resetting your fingerprint settings to factory defaults and add them again to see if the problem has been resolved.

  1. Open Settings – Lock Screen and Security and delete all the fingerprints you’ve added to the system. 
  2. Restart the phone by holding down the Power button and select Restart.
  3. Once the device is restarted, go back to Settings – Lock screen and Security and add fingerprints to the system again.
  4. Check if your newly added fingerprints work with unlocking the Galaxy S9 and restart the device again.
  5. Open the Dialer app on your device and enter * # 0 * #, which will take you to the services menu.
  6. Switch to Sensors – Fingerprint and tap Normal and reboot the device when the message Pass is displayed.

Many users have reported that this method helps solve the problem of the Galaxy S9 fingerprint scanner, other users have reported that the problem continues to exist. So if this fix does not work for you, go to the next step.

Solution 2: Disable fingerprint gestures

Following in the footsteps of Google and other Android OEMs, Samsung introduced fingerprint sensor gestures on the Galaxy S9. Surprisingly, the addition of this new feature is the cause of the problem of improper fingerprint scanner operation.

  • From the Galaxy S9 home screen, go to Settings – Advanced Features.
  • Scroll down to the menu to find Finger sensor gestures and make sure to disable it.
  • Restart the device by pressing the power button and check if the problem has been solved.

Although the trade-off is not ideal, disabling this small feature allows you to restore the functionality of the fingerprint scanner, it’s worth it. Samsung should soon solve the problem by updating the software.

Solution 3: setting the fingerprint in the traditional way

This may seem like a breeze, but the fact that we have been able to solve the fingerprint scanner problem on our Galaxy S9 + in-house with this simple trick, is at least a mention. When setting up the Galaxy S9 fingerprint, Samsung added a tip to help you set up your fingerprint more quickly.

The suggestion asks you to scroll the sensor instead of touching it several times as you usually would. This may save you some time, but it can be the culprit of all the problems related to the fingerprint sensor.

  • From the Galaxy S9 home screen, go to Settings – Lock screen and security and delete all the fingerprints you’ve added to the system.
  • Now set fingerprints again, but instead of implementing Samsung’s advice to slide your finger on the sensor, set it up as you would traditionally do.
  • Be sure to bend your finger on the sensor several times so that it is registered from/to all angles.

We hope that the problem of the Galaxy S9 fingerprint scanner with this guide has finally been solved? If you continue to still have problems you just have to bring it to a service center or wait for a future update Samsung.

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