What are some Best CPUs for gaming PCs?

Some Best CPUs for gaming PCs

Are you a PC gamer looking to upgrade your gaming computer? Then you’re probably considering getting a top-of-the-line processor. However, before rushing out and buying the most expensive processor you can find, it helps to know the best processors for gaming. This article is full of helpful information on that very subject. Take advantage of this informative and factual blog post now! Learn how to get an edge over other gamers in the process.

For gamer’s computers to perform at their peak capacity, they need potent processors like Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7. The hardware companies typically release new computer processors every year, and up until now, there were only two CPU manufacturers: Intel and AMD. Now that Ryzen has entered the ring, players have more options to choose from.

The biggest mistake you can make is buying a CPU that’s too weak for your computer’s needs. For example, if you have a PC with multiple cores and you only use one of them, it would be a waste to buy a processor that only uses one heart. Gamers often play games on high settings and expect the best performance possible, so here are some guidelines for determining what kind of processor you should buy:

First Things First: What Do Processors Do?

What Do Processors Do

Before getting into gaming processors, it’s essential to know what they do. At their core, processors are very similar to the central nervous system of an animal. They take action in response to external stimuli and generate responses. A processor receives data from the main computer and then prepares it for output via the motherboard. For more information, check out our article on “How Gaming Processors Work.”

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What are the Different Types of Gaming Processors?

Different Types of Gaming Processors

There are two main types of gaming processors: traditional cores and threads, which you’ll find on Intel chips, and CU (Compute Units) or Cores which you’ll find on AMD chips. AMD calls its Cores “CPUs” and has called them processors since they first made their comeback as a viable option.

You’ll find around a dozen or more individual processors working together to process data and turn it into images for each type. The processor is the system’s core, and most of what you do when playing games relies on using that core.

The other components, such as RAM and the motherboard, allow those cores to act effectively and efficiently.

Cores, Threads, and Processors all mean the same thing – they’re a specific type of component used in computing tech. They’re similar in that both perform calculations for you on your computer, but they work differently as well.

1-AMD Ryzen 9 5950X | 16-core, 32-thread | AM4 | 4.9GHz | 105W| 

If you need true CPU power, this is the processor you want. It’s still a big pile of cash for a processor, but if you’re a gamer that also has a creative bent, then this will pay for itself quickly enough. 3D rendering, video encoding, and raw number-crunching all benefit from the massive amount of cores on offer here. That it’s an excellent gaming chip as well is just the icing on the cake. Find out why it’s the best gaming processor.

2- Intel Core i9 9980XE | 18-core, 36-thread | TR4 | 4.5GHz | 165W | 

Intel Core

If you need the fastest chip around, this is your top choice. It also blows away the competition in several synthetic tests and many game benchmarks. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a significant number of cores. The 9980 XE has more threads than twice as many individual cores, but its true potential will be limited by the size of your RAM and how much data it can process at once. Find out why it’s the best gaming processor.

3- Intel Core i7-9700K | 8-core, 16-thread | LGA1151 | 3.6GHz | 95W |

A cheaper alternative to the 9980 XE, you’ll get much more value for your money here. It’s not quite as fast as the 9980XE in every benchmark, but it’s very close. The 9980 XE is expensive for what it does, so this is an excellent alternative if you can only afford one of these chips. Find out why it’s the best gaming processor.

4- Intel Core i7-8700K | 6-core, 12-thread | LGA1151 | 3.7GHz | 95W | 


It is a cheaper alternative to the 9980XE if you need more cores than threads. This is still a strong card when you consider how much it costs and what it brings to the table. It has a similar performance as the 9980 XE, but it’s a lot cheaper. Find out why it’s the best gaming processor.

5- Intel Core i9 7900X | 10-core, 20-thread | LGA2066 | 3.3GHz | 140W | 

This is another premium chip that will hold its own against anything under $1000. It doesn’t stand out in any benchmark tests and sometimes falls behind when compared to other top chips, but you’re not going to be able to ignore this in your future systems. It’s that good. Find out why it’s the best gaming processor.

6- Intel Core i9 7920X | 12-core, 24-thread | LGA2066 | 2.9GHz | 140W | 

A massive step up from the 7900X and 7920X, the 7920X is an absolute monster in performance and cost. Any task you throw at it will be done almost instantaneously. It’s not just a gaming card, but it fits that bill admirably well too. Find out why it’s the best gaming processor.

7- Intel Core i9-7940X | 14-core, 28-thread | LGA2066 | 3.1GHz | 165W |

This is a bit of an odd choice since it’s nearly identical to the last chip in terms of performance. The only real difference is that it uses slightly less power and costs less money to own. Considering you only have to pay a little more money per unit, the 7940X is also a great choice. Find out why it’s the best gaming processor.

8- Intel Core i9-9900K | 8-core, 16-thread | LGA2066 | 3.6GHz | 95W | 

This processor is still an excellent choice for a cheaper version of the previous chips. It has the same cores and threads as the 9980 XE, but it’s based on more contemporary architecture and has better power efficiency to boot. It’s not the fastest chip around, but it’s a great choice if you want to save money and maintain a high-end processor’s performance. Find out why it’s the best gaming processor.

9- AMD Ryzen 7 2700X | 8-core, 16-thread | AM4 | 3.7GHz | 105W | 

A great alternative to Intel Core i7 for those that prefer AMD over Intel or just want something cheaper to use, this is a solid choice for gaming. It has all of the power of an Intel Core i5 or i7 with less price and better efficiency. It’s still a cost-prohibitive option, but it’s the best AMD offers at this time. Find out why it’s the best gaming processor.


It’s pretty easy to make the mistake of thinking that a CPU is what you need for your computer, which it is. But that’s not to say that all the components are equal. Other things come into play too, and the suitable processor can open up ways you never thought possible in gaming.

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