How to spy WhatsApp from PC, Android and iOS

One of the most popular requests on the Internet is knowing if you can spy on WhatsApp, the most used messaging app in the world. Many ask this question because they are eager to know everything about a loved one, acquaintance or relative, regardless of any law on respect for privacy.

The premise is therefore a must: spying WhatsApp like any other personal device is a crime that can also be prosecuted. The advice is to let go and enjoy life without having to spy on someone.

If despite the warnings you are still willing to spy on the conversations of WhatsApp, you just know that this is possible and in this guide I will show you how. NOTE: the site assumes no responsibility for the improper use of the material proposed in this guide. What is proposed is for informational purposes only.

How to spy WhatsApp from PC

The simplest method is obviously to get the smartphone of the victim and directly control the app. A fairly smart user may have blocked the screen or entered lock codes, making a direct attempt vain. To spy WhatsApp the only method is to use the official WhatsApp Web service, which offers access to chats from a PC browser until the victim is connected to the Internet (without Internet you can not spy on a WhatsApp contact). The WhatsApp Web service is available from the link below. LINK | WhatsApp Web Recover the victim’s phone to be spied (unlocked and with access to WhatsApp) and scan the app with the QR code on the site, using the option in the menu on the top right (three white dots). Now that WhatsApp Web is associated, you can spy on all the conversations made by the smartphone directly from the browser. The only warning is that the app will still signal the start of a Web session which could lead the user to become suspicious and understand soon to be “spied”.

How to spy WhatsApp from mobile

From smartphone you can still use the web version to read the messages from the well-known instant messaging system; You have to download the Whatscan app for Whatsweb, designed for other purposes. This app was created to allow you to associate a web session on smartphone or tablet iOS and Android as if it were a browser on PC allowing you to spy WhatsApp without problems. Update: Available to Guide Whatscan First of all download the app for free from one of the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Whatscan for Whatsweb (iPhone, iPad)

DOWNLOAD | Whatscan for Whatsweb (Android, external link)

Once installed on your device retrieves the smartphone to spy (of course already unlocked and with the access WhatsApp active) and scan the code that will appear in the app spy. At the end you will have on your smartphone or tablet the access to WhatsApp Web of the contact that you want to spy (eye that however appears an alert notification on the use of WhatsApp Web, which could easily make suspicious the “victim”).

How not to be spied on WhatsApp

After seeing how to spy on WhatsApp conversations using WhatsApp Web, it is good to know the tools to defend against this type of attack on your privacy!

Block is not always the definitive solution to deter malicious people. We must take measures to prevent us knowing that someone can read our chats. First of all, never leave your phone unattended without a password or an unlock path, even more so if you have a long screen-off time (1 minute or more). Obviously, without the accessible smartphone the methods described in this guide are completely useless. As soon as you see the WhatsApp notification appearing on the use of WhatsApp Web without using it you must act promptly before the spy can read all your messages. You can delete an active WhatsApp Web session by opening the WhatsApp app, going to WhatsApp Web and checking the computers connected to your account.

If you notice suspicious activity or you can not identify the spy, you can still close all connections to WhatsApp Web simply by clicking on: Disconnect from all computers. When you need web access again, you’ll simply have to reassociate it; the light cannot read the messages until you have access to your unlocked smartphone again.

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