How to unfollow everyone on Instagram

You realized that the strategy you have been holding up to now was not exactly correct. On the contrary: with the aim of increasing the number of followers, you started adding users a bit randomly, in the hope that they would reciprocate and start following you. So you found yourself with an “unbalanced” account, with many users followed without an apparent logic. Fortunately for you, however, you are still in time to start again, without being forced to open a second profile. You just need to know how to unfollow everyone on Instagram using iPhone, Android or PC.

Even if the social platform does not provide ad hoc tools to delete all the follow-up at the same time, it is a simpler operation than you might think. Of course, it will take a little time (and for this I suggest you do it when you have at least ten minutes of free time). However, I assure you that it will be within your reach, even if you feel you are not very good with Instagram. All you need to do is follow procedure written in the following paragraphs, explained in a clear and exhaustive manner.

How to stop following everyone on Instagram

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and stop following everyone on Instagram, you can choose between two different paths to follow. On the one hand, you could do everything by hand, using the internal tools of Instagram. On the other hand, you could automate the procedure and rely on applications that clean up users in your profile.

Obviously, the first of the two options is the one that takes the most time. It is also true, however, that if you opt for the second one, you will have to consider “share” your credentials to access the service used. In short, you could endanger your personal data and the information contained in the profile.

In either case, however, the people you follow will not be notified of your action. The only way they will have to find out, will be to check who does not follow them anymore. Continue reading to deepen the discussion.


Cancel followed Instagram by hand

As mentioned previously, you can stop following all on Instagram using the tools that the social platform makes available to you. In fact, you’ll need to delete users one by one, taking several minutes depending on the number of people you follow.

To cancel the follow, simply launch the app for iOS or Android and enter the credentials of the profile to be cleaned up (in case you were not yet logged in). From the feed, click on the halfman icon on the bottom right and then on the number that appears next to the word Following. The list of people you follow will open: at this point, you only have to press the Following button and confirm your choice by clicking on unfollow.

The same procedure can be performed by computers. Just log in to the Instagram portal (or use the app for Windows 10), click on the halfman icon on the bottom right and then click on the number next to Following. Once again, click on the Following button and confirm your choice by selecting the unfollow button.

Delete all Instagram followers with the apps

Alternatively, you can stop following all on Instagram using some free apps available on Play Store for Android and on the App Store for iPhone. The peculiarity of these apps lies in their ability to simultaneously eliminate all those you follow (or their selection). Here are their names:

  • Cleaner for IG. Available only for iPhone, Cleaner for IG is the perfect app to stop following all on Instagram in one go. Once installed, you will need to log in with your profile’s credentials and wait for the user interface to load. At this point, you will not have to do is select the users you follow – maybe making you help from the various selections proposed by Cleaner for IG – and confirm your choice. In a few moments, your profile will be completely clean. None of the users you follow will be warned.
  • Crowdfire. More than an app to delete all Instagram follow-ups, Crowdfire (available on both Play Store and App Store) is a platform that allows you to better manage your Instagram profile. Among the various tools available, for example, we find the one to monitor the followers and the one, to be precise, to be used to stop following everyone on Instagram. Really intuitive, allows you to delete all the sequels at once and start all over again.

Using one of these applications, it will be easy to lighten up your list of users. Finally, I reiterate that none of them will notice anything. However, they will always be able to find out in other ways. On the other hand, you will no longer see their posts or their Stories in the application.

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