How to stop following everyone on twitter – Massive Unfollow

Stop following all followers on twitter is a procedure that is also called massive unfollow. Today we will see how to make a total unfollow and stop following all on twitter … Are you ready? Let’s start !!!

First, let’s see why you should make a massive unfollow of all you follow. As you well know, when you use Twitter in the homepage you can see all the tweets of the people you follow. It is an interesting flow of information if it were not that as the number of people followed increases, the number of tweets that flow on the page also increases. Sometimes they are so many that you can not even read one.

You’re wondering why people follow thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of people then if they can not follow their tweets … The answer is simple!

To increase your followers one of the most used methods is to follow many people! The concept is if I follow you, you follow me! That’s why people follow massive …

However, to do a little ‘cleaning and stop following all on Twitter there are many online services and free apps but that are limited in the number of unfollow operations. They’re great if you’re just a few hundred people, but if you have tens of thousands of following to stop following, these solutions are not going well.

Fortunately, there is a very simple method that requires no program or app. The only thing you need is your browser. Let’s see how to do it.

How to stop following everyone on twitter

First you need to access your profile on twitter and click on the Following link to open the page with the list of people you follow. At this point you have to scroll to the end of the page, wait for further loading of other profiles and continue to scroll down the page until a considerable number of profiles appear to stop following.

The more profiles appear on this page, the more profiles you will be able to stop following in a single operation. At this point press the F12 button to bring up the Chrome console, or press the CTRL + SHIFT + C buttons at the same time and select the Console in the screen that appears. At this point in the Chrome console screen paste this line of code and press ENTER:


You will notice that after a few moments all the profiles present in the page just uploaded will no longer have the Following box but in its place will appear the item Follow that indicates that no longer follow those profiles. Now you just repeat this operation to stop following all twitter directly from the official page and without the aid of other programs.


Making mass unfollow to stop following all on twitter you can use one of the many paid apps that automate everything or this simple mass unfollowing methods. It works directly from the interface of Twitter so there are no contraindications, but to avoid the risk that twitter will report an abnormal activity and you are obliged to change the password of your profile, I suggest you to make an unfollow of a limited number of accounts at a time.

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