When you download a program from the Internet, be careful, especially if you select the automatic installation, because this choice can cause the installation of unwanted software. Perhaps you have already had this drawback considering that you are reading this post, but if you do not use a few precautions, you can install Adware Toolbar and Hijacker on your computer. They are unwanted software that contain advertisements, which appear on the screen continuously in the form of pages that open themselves or pop up while we are connected to the internet and can hardly be deleted.

In addition to being intrusive, these applications weigh down the system and affect the speed of the computer and our privacy, because they inform third parties about our habits, in order to promote targeted advertising. The remedy to eliminate these intrusive advertising windows is called AdwCleaner, a free program that detects them and removes them permanently. This is one of the most effective methods to avoid that, while browsing from your browser, internet pages open themselves by distracting you from your work.

Pages that open themselves. Delete them with AdwCleaner

If you also have this problem, I suggest you use this very simple application to use. First you have to download the free AdwCleaner software on your computer, install it and start it. Click on the Analyze button to scan the computer for the first time.

At the end the result of what has been detected will be displayed. On the detected files you can get the necessary details so as to be sure that the file is actually the malicious one.

AdwCleaner offers a menu consisting of a series of items that allow you to identify malicious services, folders, files, links, registry keys and the name of the Adware or spyware.

When you are sure that the file is actually unwanted, click on Clean to permanently delete it.

If you inadvertently delete files that were not unwanted but useful to the system, you can retrieve them by clicking on Tools in the top menu and then on Quarantine Management

To permanently remove the Adware or spyware, AdwCleaner will ask you to restart the Computer, request to which we will answer affirmatively clicking OK.

With AdwCleaner you can also remove those toolbar that are downloaded inadvertently and appear when you open your browser, or programs that cause the opening of those windows that open themselves very annoying when surfing the internet.


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