How to win at Tetris 99, the new battle royale inspired by the famous series of games dedicated to colored bricks. Here are the tricks and strategies to finish first.
Tetris 99 tricks: how to win and finish first

Tetris 99 is the new game from the famous series of bricks that is driving players all over the world crazy. Currently available only for Nintendo Switch, the game is a real battle royale that sees 99 online users simultaneously united by a single goal: to get first in the standings. To do this, you must resist enemy attacks, through various tricks and strategies that can be used to climb challenging positions of challenge, up to victory.

Only the first to win is the winner, this is the challenge posed by Tetris 99: the game is completely free for all Nintendo Switch online customers and many are waiting for it for other platforms, such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can only play on the Big N’s hybrid console, where it is currently the game of the moment. Let’s see together what tricks to use and how to win at Tetris 99.

Tetris 99 tricks: the best strategy to win and finish first

Playing Tetris 99 takes just a few minutes, once the game is started you are immediately connected to the other 99 opponents, to be challenged simultaneously. The rules provide for a review of the classic Tetris dynamics with new commands and options, able to determine the victory or defeat of the various matches.

Four different modes can be chosen using the lever R located to the right of the joy-con:

  • Medals, by blocking the strongest opponents;
  • KO, focuses the attacks on those who are more in difficulty and close to defeat;
  • Counterattack, to defend oneself and counter-attack the adversaries who in turn have aimed our framework (you will understand it from the yellow lines in your direction);
  • Random, sends causal blocks to various opponents present.

The alternation of these 4 commands is essential to win: opting too much for an option can be counterproductive, so starting a match immediately challenging opponents with Contrattacco may not be a good idea.

The game foresees a progressive difficulty, the more you climb the positions the more you increase the attacks and the speed with which the blocks fall, preventing you from completing the fundamental lines to victory. In this case, the Hard Drop comes to the rescue, the command that can be activated by pressing the “Up” arrow on the controller allows you to instantly drop the incoming piece: in the tightest moments it will allow you to make different points by making your game safe.

At the same time, another useful and fundamental command is the one that can be activated using the R key, to set aside a piece. Don’t be tempted by the classic long and vertical block, useful when trying to eliminate a vertical line composed of four elements, but difficult to position by moving forward in the challenge. The best piece to put away? Perhaps the “T” shaped block, more useful and suitable in different situations.

Are they bombarding you with attacks? Try to fine tune the counterattack option and the KO option: better not to start the game by attacking but focusing on defense. If you notice an excessive concentration of attacks, answer trying to complete as many horizontal lines as possible to send to more opponents.

Try to keep your game screen as clean as possible: the farther you go in the game, getting into the Top 50 and the Top 10, the more intense the challenge and maintaining the balance of the blocks can be complicated (also because of speed progressively more and more difficult). The trick is to train, always trying to beat your previous record: apply different strategies, like starting slower and less skilled than your opponents (to avoid being attacked right away). To get first to Tetris 99 you also need a lot of luck: sometimes the position in the standings varies even by a few seconds, even causing important variations.


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