6 Best Programs to Create Free Fonts

A large collection of fonts is always indispensable for those who work with graphics, websites or flyers. No professional of this type can give up, then, a nice set of custom fonts: one of the best ways to express yourself and to give an extra sprint (and inimitable) to their projects. Today we do not even need to be a phenomenon to do all this, because we think the best 6 programs to create free fonts to give all the satisfaction of the world. That’s why today we’ll list these software which are so important to you.

1. FontForge

Let’s start our article on the best programs to create free fonts with FontForge: a software that allows you to edit, convert and create fonts with a proprietary scripting language. Inside you will find a wide range of advanced options to do all these operations. Among other things, the program supports an avalanche of font formats: from BMP to the Outline, passing through the famous TrueType, to PostScript, to OpernType and so on. Naturally the program offers you different drawing tools, and works on layers and layers.

2. TTFEdit

TTFEdit is conquered with the nails and teeth the second place in our list of favorites. We talk about a very practical and usable font maker: it is able to open, edit, save and create fonts from scratch, using the TrueType system. Open source, this software is very easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface. To use it, however, you need to have Java installed on your computer. To somebody its graphics might appear stale and dated, but in our case it is an advantage, because its simplicity makes any operation to the water of roses. An interesting feature that belongs to TTFEdit is the following: it always shows you a preview in real time.

3. Type Light

Type Light is another really intuitive and convenient program: it has several basic design features, and allows you to create or modify various types of fonts. You can also convert them, or create a new character from a very precise metric system, including the copyright. Although not particularly rich in advanced options, the basic ones are sufficient and advance to do everything and more: in practice, you can start from some basic characters and then modify them and create new glyphs. You can also change grid size, reverse contours and much more.

4. BirdFont

Even BirdFont subscribes to the list of the best programs to create free fonts currently on the square. Also very simple and immediate, it allows you to build glyphs thanks to its vector graphic elements: unlike other programs of this type, it does not start from the modification of pre-inserted fonts, but allows you to create them directly from scratch. Even here you will not find an avalanche of tools, but on the other hand you will not have to give up any standard or important option. Finally, among the things you can do, find functions such as resizing, rotating and inserting rectangles and circles.

5. Double Type

Double Type is a nice program, available for all operating systems and running through Java. This is an interesting option for the creation of efficient and customized glyphs, and is the top for cleaning the work screen.

6. Raster Font Editor

We close the list of the best programs to create fonts for free with Raster Font Editor: a very light and carefree, portable software that does not require installation. It is not particularly professional, but it is useful for the simultaneous presence of multiple windows, to work on multiple glyphs at the same time. Unfortunately you can not create fonts from scratch, because there is only the option to edit glyphs loaded in presets on the program.

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