7 Best App to Hide Photos on iPhone and Android

We all have our little secrets, and often the photos we keep on iPhone or Android smartphones have a high degree of privacy, which obviously pushes us to protect them with care, and to avoid that some spy or curious can see, maybe stealing the phone for a moment. But how to avoid all this? Thanks to the best 7 apps to hide photos that we will see in this article, and that will allow you to put your photographs away from prying eyes. Let’s have a look:

Private Photo Vault

iOS | Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault lets you import all the photos you want in a particular album and protect them with a PIN lock. It should be added that, in addition to basic protection, this app also provides you with other blocking levels and very useful options, such as a second entry password or the ability to take a selfie to the person who will try to access your album protected and your secret photos. And the nice thing about this app is that it’s totally free.

Gallery Lock Lite

Android | Gallery Lock Lite

Even Gallery Lock Lite is a very useful app to hide your hot photos on iPhone and make them unreachable by others. But what does it allow you to do? With this app you can activate a real stealth mode that will allow you to make invisible your spicy photos, which you can access only by calling a certain number, preceded by an asterisk: a really brilliant mode. In addition, this application is able to take a picture of the unfortunate that will try to access your secret photos.

Best Secret Folder

iOS | Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder is another very useful app to hide your photos on iPhone. Thanks to this application, you can disguise the folder of your private photos as a directory of utilities, so it is really unlikely that anyone can ever access it to look for photos that try to hide in his eyes. But you can also set a password, even if it’s a risky method, because if you forget it, you will not be able to recover it.


Android | KeepSafe

iOS | KeepSafe

KeepSafe is a good photoprotection app, because it allows you to use the PIN to protect them and to hide them in a secret folder, even if you later have to manually delete the original copies once copied to the hidden directory. Although it is a free app, to access the other options you will necessarily need to purchase the PRO version.


iOS | Kyms

KYMS is an incredible app: apparently it is a simple calculator, but in reality the above works as an access panel in which you have to enter the code to unlock the photos you have protected. The nice thing about this app is that it allows you to hide any type of file, from PDF to Word and Excel files. And you can even sync photos with other devices on the network.


Android | Vaulty

With Vaulty you can protect your photos on Android by setting a password, but you can also better organize your secret folders, sorting and managing them thanks to a really functional editor. Finally, Vaulty also has the canonical function by which your smartphone will take a selfie to the ignorant that will try to access your secret photos. You can even restore photos when you lose your phone.


Android | PhotoVault

The latest app that we will see today is PhotoVault: an application that differs from the others because it allows you to create public galleries as well as those that will host your hidden photos. It is a function that acts a bit like a distraction, while for hidden galleries, you can protect them with passwords, and you can even include videos. The app, however, is not free.

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