The Best Apps to Try Haircuts for men and women

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Today, technologies allow us to do almost anything we want with the smartphone. Or almost, because basically, some things are still very far from being digitized. But you can “imagine” doing them using your mobile phone: which leads you to save a lot of time, and to have a perspective of what it would be if – for example – I decided to get you a certain hairstyle. How would you stay there? Would you see yourself with a long curly bob? Would you like to dare a bowl cut climbing behind? You can find out with our best apps to try out haircuts!

Women’s Hairstyles 2018

Hairstyles Women 2018 is definitely one of the best app to try new haircuts, without having to go directly to the hairdresser. This application is available for Android operating systems and provides you with an avalanche of different cuts. Practically there is not a single hairstyle that you can not find (and try) with this application. Hairstyles Women 2018 has over 80 cuts more than the 2017 edition. In addition, here you can also find many accessories and stickers. The app is full of interesting features: you can take a selfie and apply the new hairstyle on the fly, adjust the brightness, and apply different filters.

Man HairStyle Photo Editor

In the field of the best app to try haircuts for men, we find Man HairStyle Photo Editor. This is a really simple application to use, but also able to guarantee a good dose of realism for your new hairstyles applied to photos. You can, of course, use it to try on your photos many hairstyles for men, trendy or classic. But this application also has a fun component: you can add accessories like the cowboy hat and barbs, to say the least bizarre. Available for Android.

Hairstyle Mirror

Hairstyle Mirror is the latest of the best apps to try out haircuts for Android. We have chosen to insert it for a specific reason: it is one of the most fun! You can, in fact, apply many strange or nonsense hairstyles, with a thousand colors, to make you laugh with your friends. This should also make you understand that this is not a particularly serious or professional app. On the contrary: the final result is rather mediocre, but to get four laughs it is absolutely the top.

Hairstyle Makeover

The first of the best all to try out haircuts for iOS is Hairstyle Makeover. Let’s talk about an application among the best ever, really very professional. In practice, you can apply many different hairstyles, and even model them according to your face, to get a realistic result to the fullest. Consider that the photo editing options are really numerous: you can customize the brightness, apply different filters to the photos, and even customize the height and width of the hairstyles. Finally, this app has haircuts for both men and women.

Hair Changer Photo Booth

Another really interesting iOS app is Hair Changer Photo Booth. This app is addressed only to men, even if it can not reach the levels of the previous one. In any case, you can use it both to apply new haircuts, and to insert some accessories such as hats to your photos. Also present many different beards, mustache and goatee. Even here you can change various aspects in terms of photo editing, such as contrast and brightness. When you have done everything, you can share the photo with your friends, directly on your social pages.

Insta Hair Style Salon

We close our article on the best app to try hairstyles with Insta Hair Style Salon, also in this case for iOS devices. You can use it to try new hairstyles for both men and women, and with the certainty of getting an amazing and very credible result in return. Unfortunately, it is very heavy (over 100 MB) and some sections are only in Chinese!

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