Have a look at Best Free iPhone Apps in 2018

Whether you have bought a new iPhone or you want to add some apps in your phone for your office work, these apps really belong to your home screen.

All these apps are tested by the team of Teknologya and you’ll be glad to know that all of these apps are completely free of cost.

For your convinience and to save your precious time we have divided these apps according to their categories so just click on the categories given below and download the app which suits you. Let’s have a look:

The Best iPhone Apps by their categories:

    1. Office & Productivity
    2. Social Network
    3. Music, Video and Photography
    4. Streaming Video and Audio
    5. Online shopping
    6. News
    7. For Travelling
    8. Games

Office & Productivity

  • Dropbox
    Famous cloud disk solution that allows you to have space where you can store your files or photos, share them with your friends and have them available wherever you are and with virtually any computer or device in the world.
  • Documents 5
    As can see from the name of the app, it allows to store and manage a whole series of different file formats and documents. Read Office documents, annotate PDF, save mail and synchronize files with the most popular online cloud services (Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Evernote
    A widespread and indispensable application for productivity. Save notes on all devices, share photos, screenshots, use tools to collaborate with other people.
    Automate a large number of actions by connecting various services offered by this App. The iPhone and iPad version allows you to automatically perform actions related to your photos and your geographical location. It interfaces with many services (Email, instagram, Facebook, Calendars, etc.) and deserves an entire article by itself.
  • Numbers
    Spreadsheet created by Apple itself. Take advantage of iCloud features to work at different times on multiple devices. If you are new users it is also completely free.
  • XE Currency Currency
    Converter with real-time exchange rates (provided you have an internet connection available). Clean and functional graphics. To be downloaded especially if you plan a trip abroad.
  • Yahoo Finance
    Absolutely essential for those who follow the world of finance and investment. Rich in news and features to stay up to date.

Social Network

  • Facebook
    Popular App for the use of the largest social network. The App is updated continuously with the addition of functionality. It is possible to integrate it natively for use with iOS devices.
  • Google+
    Another application dedicated to the social network of Google. Manage your profile, photos and images directly from the App designed specifically for iOS devices.
  • Instagram
    Social network dedicated to photographs and videos. Famous for the amount of filters to use to edit and publish your photos. It allows the synchronization of Facebook and Twitter contacts to find other friends who use it.
  • Messenger
    App separated from Facebook but dedicated exclusively to instant messaging on the well-known social network. Download it if you want to send and communicate directly with your friends on Facebook.
  • Skype
    A very popular program to keep in touch with all your friends and to make calls using a mobile data connection. It synchronizes with your address book. Continuously updated, perfect to even make video calls for free with other Skype users.
  • Steam
    App essential for gamers (at least those PC, Mac). Form groups, buy PC and Mac games and keep your contacts with this official Steam client.
  • Telegram
    Instant messenger app that stands out from WhatsApp for its extreme speed and for the functions dedicated to security. It is possible to create self-destructive messages and to encrypt all sorts of private conversations between two people. It works very well even in its desktop variants (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Twitter
    Application of the famous social network. Graphically beautiful and full of features. It integrates with iOS.
  • Viber
    App for your phonebook, perfect to make calls for free. It is an instant messaging client to send photos, videos.
  • WhatsApp
    Instant messenger app between users who uses this amazing app on both sides. A must-have for all smartphone users, it has had an exponential growth and practically everyone uses it now.
  • YouTube
    Famous Google app for sharing videos in video format. Allows you to perform all the operations you normally do with the desktop version.

Music, Video and Photography

  • Adobe Photoshop Express
    Edits photo with just a tap! Edit your photos for free with the official Adobe Photoshop application. Improved a lot from its first iterations and adapted perfectly to use on smartphones and tablets.
  • iMovie
    Superb Apple video editing program that allows you to edit video files directly from your iPhone / iPad. Completely free for new users.
  • Shazam
    The App par excellence to recognize any song through the use of the microphone. Approach the iPhone to the music source to get in a few moments the song title, the author, links to videos on youtube and other information.
  • VLC
    iOS version of the famous software for viewing Video formats. It reads virtually all types of existing video formats and allows the transfer of movies via computer easily.


  • Amazon Prime Video
    App of streaming video services allows you to take advantage of your Amazon Prime subscription (the one with an annual payment) to watch movies and TV series from your iPhone. It does not yet have a vast library like that of its most direct competitor (NetFlix) but the catalog is expanding and renewing.
  • Netflix
    A free app that allows you to watch (and recently even save on your device) Netflix content. Of course you will need to have an account and an active subscription to the famous video streaming service but the app is designed to comfortably manage your video library and keep track of the TV series or movies you are watching.
  • TeamViewer
    Also available in its HD incarnation for iPad, TeamViewer allows remote management of your computer with screen display. Excellent as an application to provide support to other users.

Online shopping

  • Amazon
    One of the most famous online stores in the world; excellent customer service, a large amount of items of all kinds at competitive prices. App complementary to the site that works very well and through which we can make purchases, track our orders, read product reviews, etc.
  • eBay
    Online auctions on the famous eBay store are always at your fingertips. You will find new and used items and you can sell anything directly from the phone. Great for keeping messages and auctions you’re participating in or managing your virtual store.
  • Groupon
    If you are looking for offers close to your geographical position and want to use coupons, surely Groupon is the most famous app that allows you to stay updated on the most popular coupons. Thousands of shops/restaurateurs offer coupons on this platform.


  • Feedly
    RSS Feed Reader that has replaced the now defunct Google Reader. Recommended for those who want to keep up-to-date and follow a variety of sites / networks. It presents the articles in a magazine format, also improving their readability. You can save articles to read them later, add YouTube channels and much more.
  • Pocket
    Save the articles you find browsing the web and read them comfortably with this App also available on the web. It is possible to use it completely offline to have complete articles even when you do not have internet connection.

For Travelling

  • AroundMe
    Explore the world around you, find bars, restaurants, cinemas, ATMs, etc. Take advantage of Google Maps for directions / pedestrian directions.
  • Google Maps
    Famous App for viewing maps. To be used also as an alternative to the Maps application included in the iPhone for road navigation. It also supports offline map saving to avoid using data connection while on the move.
  • The Weather Channel
    The most complete App for weather forecasting. It works according to your geographical position or by searching for the forecast by area, city. It presents beautiful backgrounds and absolutely simple to use.
  • TripAdvisor
    App that brings TripAdvisor into your hands. Essential for those who travel and want to know new places, places or review activities and places. Excellent for going abroad and also perfect for those who want to experience their city.
  • Find my iPhone
    Apple application to find their iOS devices. It integrates with iOS and provides remote device management operations. The location of your iPhone is also available from the web. Indispensable to find a stolen or lost iPhone.


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