New Casino Themes 2022

For many years, online casinos have retained their popularity and it is growing more and more every day. According to such an authoritative publication as Statista, the global market for online gambling will reach $127 billion with an average annual revenue growth of 11%. While ground establishments are losing visitors due to the pandemic crisis, online venues, on the contrary, keep increasing the customer base and profit. 

Literally, new gambling sites open every month facing high competition in this area. Therefore, developers have to be extremely creative thinking through the interface to the smallest detail. To understand the new trends and the specific design of online casino sites, let us take a look at posts by Max Bet, a well-known expert in gambling. 

The most popular themes for online casinos

Why the Topic of Online Casinos is So Important in 2022

The user who is in search of an online establishment to enjoy thrills and excitement, first of all, pays attention to the external design of the platform. Online casinos with many years of operation are reluctant to change their image and style, remaining conservative. In many ways, this is a justified step to remain a recognizable brand that loyal customers are used to. However, there are disadvantages to this decision, namely – the boring format, and a desire for something new.

In this regard, the new portal opens up a lot of opportunities to create an exclusive and extraordinary web design. As a rule, an interesting topic is selected and the whole style of the platform is followed. Creating a new brand is a comprehensive approach, including the recognition of the website through the original presentation of the interface. For this purpose, the following points are thought out: 

  • general stylistics;
  • font;
  • color scheme;
  • images;
  • main character;
  • navigation.

It is important for the visitor to feel comfortable, like in Cafe Casino online, without the need to look at the printed text trying to recognize the letters, to quickly navigate the menu, and not feel discomfort caused by the acid colors.

The work of a web designer is an important and at the same time difficult occupation. After all, in order for an online casino to stand out from the crowd, it needs to be extremely creative.

Sound Effects

Another component of the interface is music. As a rule, land-based casinos try to attract the attention of the public with bright colored lights and loud sounds, however, in the online space, this approach, on the contrary, discourages users. The main thing is to avoid loud sirens and “squeakers” that are irritating. 

How to Design a Modern Online Casino: the Main Trends

The development of the interface of any platform is handled by a web designer, a kind of artist who creates a unique theme taking into account the user experience. The task includes not only a beautiful picture but also ease of navigation, a comfortable combination of colors, text format, and more.

New online casinos that appeared in 2022 are dramatically different from the mature brands that have been operating on the web for more than a year. They are designed for the modern visitor who appreciates the innovative approach to the design of web pages. Here are a few examples of themes to be used.

AnimalsIt can be dedicated to one particular character or focused on a common theme. You will see funny cats, bunnies, raccoons, and any other representatives of fauna inviting you to visit them on the site. This approach creates a positive and good mood.
Coziness and homelike atmosphereCafe-style casino with delicious croissants, pastel colors, and unobtrusive sound is a choice for gamblers who want to distract themselves from business and relax.
Elegance and aristocracyElegant lines, delicate patterns, and unobtrusive color combinations are the signs of a respectable establishment. Such a presentation requires careful design because the visitor expects the clear operation of the resource.
Sports themesIt will appeal to fans of a healthy lifestyle and sports betting enthusiasts. Such players will feel “at home” and will not go looking for other options.
MythologyIt is dedicated to the ancient gods, legends, and myths of ancient Greece, Rome, Atlantis, etc. Such a story looks pathos, graceful, and luxurious.
Space and planetsThis is a common option among online casinos in the high-tech style. The theme is inspired by spaceflight, astronauts, planets and satellites, and stellar landscapes. It is loved by designers for its wide visual possibilities.
Retro Style and CountryThe design is inspired by the style of an ancient castle or tavern. Emblems with monograms, copper plaques, and antique objects all remind us about days long gone by and attract many visitors.

These are just the main areas, the list of themes that web designers use is much wider and the time is not enough to list all.

Logo and Slogan

The components of the site’s interface that are responsible for brand positioning are mandatory. It is not enough to create a colorful logo, it must communicate the message the casino wants to convey to the public. 

A competently designed logo creates the first impression of the platform. A successful slogan will cement the visitor’s overall opinion and inspire them to play.


Modern technology enables any idea to be introduced into the online space. Many new online casino sites actively use animated special effects. The main thing is not to overdo it so that excessively dynamic images do not cause a negative reaction. 

Animation enlivens the platform and makes it more attractive, so this approach is not unreasonable. 


In the age of high competition and the development of computer technology, every new online casino stands out for its creativity and contemporary approach to theme development. Recent announcements by providers about the integration of VR and AR technologies into slots are forcing even established casino brands to think about rebranding their sites. 

A professional approach to interface development will pay off with high customer traffic, hundreds of satisfied visitors, and rapid growth of popularity in general.

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