Things doctors and nurses wish you knew

The following tips are some of what doctors and nurses at Harcour Health ensure that all their patients know so that a life is saved in the process. If not saving, it will make your life much healthier. They are able to handle the truth: When talking about your health, to stay informed is very important. Everyone needs to be aware of the below tips

  • They are able to handle the truth: If you know that you are an alcoholic and you find yourself being admitted to a hospital, don’t lie about the quantity of beer that you take. There are drugs that you can be given to keep you off the habit. This will be safer for both you and the medical practitioners. They don’t judge but what is top on their mind is your safety.
  • Make sure that an emergency is a true emergency: Emergency in the words of the workers at Harcour Health means that there is the potential loss of life, eyesight or limb. It should not at any given time mean irritation, inconvenience, or a condition that is chronic. When you take a sore throat to an emergency ward, it will cost you 100 times the usual cost in an urgent care unit.

Avoid going to the emergency room for issues that are non-emergent like common cold or removal of a splinter as this will just mean you incur an expense which you could avoid.

  • Watch your weight: You need to keep an eye on your weight. If there is a rapid decrease or increase in weight, then it means that something is totally wrong.  Extra weight could mean that you are suffering from wet lungs or swollen abdomen and thus, be in congestive heart failure.
  • Immune system: One of the greatest assets which you have is the immune system and yet you might be taking it for granted. According to the Electronic Scheduling System, in your life, there is a possibility of your body eliminating up to 10 types of cancer without your realization. It will make sure that your microtraumas are repaired, your infections are fought, and that it police all your billions of cell population without you prompting it.

All that is needed of you is to preserve it by offering it a little health. You don’t need to drink too much and you should know that, your diet is far much important to your immune system than you might be aware of.

  • Know yourself: It is important that you are aware of your drugs and own history. The electronic medical records including Electronic Scheduling System might fail and at times, not much reliable especially if you visit different hospitals. What is stored in the records online is not enough. If you are in a different health facility, chances are that the doctor will not access your information. Make a list of your medical drugs, problems to be sure to let your next doctor know just in case they are unable to access the EMR.
  • Can you hear clearly?: In case you ignore clearing your hearing loss on time, you might in future wish that you did so. The brain most of the time tends to lose connection to sounds and in the process, impairs the ability you have to understand speech in a clear way when you ignore taking care of it.

Treatment for permanent loss of hearing includes things such as regular monitoring from audiologists, hearing aids, speech pathologists and other devices which might be of help such as FM devices and sound field systems.

  • It’s not in your head: When you sense that you are suffering from mental illness, get help as soon as possible.
  • Aspirin might save your life: If for any reason you suspect a heart attack, take an aspirin. Don’t substitute it with paracetamol or ibuprofen, ensure that it is aspirin in its totality. After that, take yourself to the nearest health facility. Aspirin might just save your life by swallowing it whole being better than chewing.  But whatever form you take it, it will work though taking it whole works faster and is efficient as compared to chewing.
  • CPR is not the way you see it in movies: When you have the suspicion that the person lying down is not breathing, you should begin a CPR immediately on them. You should not stop until there is a professional in sight even if it means that you do it for several hours. The CPR is not to have the patient wake up miraculously, but it is done to sustain the most important function in the body which is the circulation of oxygen into the brain until the person gets to the hospital.  It is a way of preserving life before the professionals take over.