How to watch Netflix from Android phone to TV with USB cable

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There are two ways to watch Netflix from your phone to TV with a USB cable, using different types of connections, which can be connected to the HDMI or other port on the TV. With this method, you will mirror your Android phone to the TV and reproduce all your actions. Here’s how to watch Netflix from your phone to TV with a USB cable below.

How to watch Netflix from Android phone to TV with USB cable

How to watch Netflix from cell phone to TV with USB cable

To watch Netflix from your phone on your TV with a USB cable, you will need a specific cable to mirror your mobile device. The easiest to find and affordable is the MHL cable, which costs between $5 and $10 and can be found easily at electronics stores.

This cable uses the TV’s HDMI port by default, plus a USB port for power, and connects to your phone via the microUSB or USB-C port (depending on your device, you may need an adapter that is not difficult to meet.

MHL Cable

MHL cable

The other option is to use a SlimPort cable, which is less common but can also be found in electronics stores, but which usually costs more, between $10 and $15. Unlike MHL, it is sold in several versions, depending on outgoing connection type: it is compatible with HDMI, DisplayPort and legacy DVI and VGA ports, which do not transmit sound.

In these two cases, you need to use other methods to transmit the audio from the cell phone to the TV, such as a male P2 cable/male stereo RCA or an adapter connected to the TV’s analog audio input.

SlimPort adapter USB C

SlimPort adapter; one end goes into the cell phone and the other supports the HDMI cable

The main difference between SlimPort cables and adapters for the MHL, is the fact that they do not require power via the USB port (similar to what happens with Chromecast).

In common, both wired connections support 4K resolutions up to 8K, in addition to 7.1 Surround Sound audio, with support for True HD and DTS-HD, and both are compatible with a large number of available TVs, smartphones and tablets. In addition, mirroring is instant and uncomplicated.

To watch Netflix from your phone on your TV with a USB cable, do the following:

  1. Connect the MHL or SlimPort cable to the corresponding TV input and the microUSB port of the Android phone.
    If your phone has a USB-C port, use an adapter;
  2. If you are using an MHL cable, connect the USB end to the TV’s USB port;
  3. With the remote control, access the corresponding video input, which should already be showing your cell phone screen;
  4. Open Netflix and play your favorite movie or series, and it will be mirrored on your TV.

And ready.

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