Tips to keep in mind while buying a underbudget gaming laptop

Buying a gaming laptop doesn’t mean that you must spend thousands on it. There is no need to buy that much expensive laptop.

You can play games on an under-budget laptop and you can easily play on them. There are many things to be considered when buying a laptop and especially while buying a gaming laptop.

Some people don’t know what to check when buying a laptop but some people are masters of this. But if you are a beginner so, this guide is for you.

No doubt, we must compromise on many things while going for a underbudget gaming laptop but there are still some things or specifications that you must not compromise for.

We will discuss all the important specifications for which you must be very concerned. You can be able to determine whether to buy it or not.

Tips for buying a underbudget gaming laptop

Always choose the best graphics card

The main difference between a gaming and a simple laptop is graphics. If your laptop has the best graphics then it must be the best choice for gaming.

Many cheap gaming laptops under 300 come along with good graphics cards but some of them need some upgrades.

There is no difficulty in replacing the graphics card. We can say that changing the graphics card can be very simple and easy.

We recommend you choose Nvidia cards if you are a beginner or even if you are a PRO player. Nvidia is the best option for a gaming laptop.

Avoid touch screens

If you are going for a budget laptop, you must avoid touch screens. Touch screens can be a good choice if you are going for a high-end laptop.

The quality of the touch screen is very poor when you buy a cheap laptop. If you are going to buy an expensive laptop then touch screens are a good option.

Some players are used to play on touch screens as they are shifted to iPad or tablets so, they can go for touch screens also.

But going for a touch screen means you must compromise on the quality. Some players are masters of using keyboards and mouse.

But it all depends on you and you better know what suits you but in our recommendation, going for touch screens in a budget laptop is useless and not makes any sense.


We all know that hard disk drives are somehow slow as compared to SSD. Today many laptops come along with the default SSD installed.

But using hard disk drives is also suitable but you must keep in your mind that you should compromise on speed then.

We recommend you use SSD if you are buying a laptop for specifical gaming. You can easily play games without any lag or distractions.

Now the thing is which figure to choose while buying an SSD. The minimum SSD you must use is 256 GB. But if you want a laptop specifically for gaming so, you must go for at least 512 GB.

Have a good RAM

If you want speed, you just need good RAM. If you compromise on RAM then you must compromise on speed and performance.

No matter, you are using a beast laptop but the RAM is poor then it doesn’t make any sense to choose a low RAM in a gaming laptop.

But now many manufacturers keep the RAM in their consideration. There are still some laptop companies that only focus on hardware and design but they compromise on the RAM.

But we recommend you use at least 16GB for a gaming laptop. If you are using the laptop for official tasks then you can go for 8GB also but you must not go below 8GB.

Get a good display

We can say that having a good display is the need of every gaming laptop. We need an extra smart and bright display to make our games more interesting.

If you are playing a high-end game and you are using a poor display then it is useless to have a gaming laptop and you can go for a simple laptop then.

We must consider the size of the laptop under our focus. If we want to buy a compact device then we must go for a maximum of 15-inches screen.

Some players are fond of playing their games on a wider display than they can go for a 17-inches display but it will decrease the portability of your laptop.

But again, it’s your choice of picking the screen size which is suitable for you but we are just recommending you that never decrease the portability of your laptop and must go for a small size 

or you can say that go for a decent size.

Having a smooth keyboard

The keyboard is the central thing in gaming, no matter you are playing a heavy game or a light game, you just need a keyboard.

You must be very focused on the keyboard and go for a smooth keyboard so, you can play your games without any distraction.

Wrap up

It is cleared that whenever you are going to get something under your budget or a low budget, you must compromise on some things that are not necessary.

But some things cannot be ignored and you must focus on these specifications. These specifications will make you able to decide which gaming laptop is best or which is not.

You must read it carefully if you are willing to buy a laptop and having incomplete knowledge of everything will always make your decisions useless.

So, we discussed every important specification that must be followed while buying a laptop.

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