Top companies using ethereum rather than going for bitcoins!

Top companies using ethereum rather than going for bitcoins!

The growing network of cryptocurrencies and the requirement for Blockchain in the modern world have also led many companies to believe it is essential. As a result, companies developing an hour have already developed or paid much attention to the blockchain network. Suppose you believe yourself to be a person who is very enthusiastic about the digital token market and the Blockchain network with this software or website. It is a network of Blockchains which provides services to every country. It has been developed into a digital token recently. But, the primary purpose is to provide software to companies that are developing and willing to grow. 

If you think that bitcoin, the apex digital token of the market, is the first one to be developed and created, you are wrong. For example, choosing a perfect cryptocurrency and blockchain network, which is also considered the biggest rival of bitcoin, you can go with Ethereum. Yes, Ethereum is a digital token or a company providing Blockchain network solutions to other companies for building on their network and computer software. Today, the popularity of Ethereum is increasing and also, and it is believed to surpass bitcoin in the future. But that is going to take a little bit of time, but until then, it is required for everyone to bring this new information under their knowledge. Multiple companies are now adopting Ethereum worldwide to provide their services, and they are using the coins of Ethereum. So, we will pay attention to the most necessary details from here.


Anyone who has even a single piece of interest in video games and other kinds of the gaming industry would be very much familiar with this company. It is a company based in France, and it is a distribution company which provides general masterpieces of games to multiple countries of the world. People loved the company’s games and, a few of the best games the company has Launched in the market include assassins creed, a far cry and, watchdogs. These are the popular games launched by the company, and many others are on the list of the top games worldwide. But, this is not the matter of concern we will discuss today. This company is also one of the essential enthusiasts of the digital token market; therefore, it has been working day and night to adopt the ecosystem of Ethereum. It is all because bitcoin is costly and may not suit the company’s requirements.


Banking Corp companies are also not behind in adopting the modern ecosystem of the digital token market. It is a company based in Dutch and has been a multinational bank corporation providing multiple project services to the Blockchain network for many years. The company has adopted multiple Blockchain networks for years but has started switching its ecosystem towards ethereum. One of the primary reasons the company has been doing so is that the other networks are considered very costly. Therefore, it is decreasing the company’s turnover, so it has to look for something better and less costly than the existing network.

ixo Foundation

Non-profit organisations are also working towards adopting the modern ecosystem of Blockchain; therefore, this is the one which is a non-profit determined to provide transparent blockchain services. The company demands the network to be completely traceable, and also, it is providing the services in double Department of human skill development. Sustainable economic development is another significant target of the company, and it has a unique characteristic feature of providing Blockchain and open-source solutions. The company has no profits every thing goes to donations, and therefore, this company aims to achieve the best targets as soon as possible. When we talk about the company, it also has collaborated with UNICEF, and it is considered to be a Growing network all over the world. It works towards humankind’s sustainable growth and development, which is why this company requires modern technology the most.

Bottom line

These are a few of the top names in the list of companies adopting the ecosystem of Ethereum rather than going with bitcoin. Recently, there were some other companies also added to the list, but still, they are in the processing stage. Therefore, you need to know that the above given are the names of the companies which are strict to see Assam regarding the cryptocurrency ecosystem and, more importantly, they are enthusiastic about Ethereum. So, they will be adopting and launching their services among humans in the future, which is believed to be the most important revolution of all time. It is going to bring about a change in the whole world.

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