How to Track Someone’s Location By Cell Phone Number in 2020

Tracking someone’s location by only having their cell number in 2020 is really easy now but a few years back it didn’t seem possible as technology was not advanced and there were people who didn’t know what they could do in case they needed a tracking application.

In case you are looking forward to some solution when it comes to a tracking device then this article is just for you. Here we are going to let you know about the best solution that can be applied in this manner so just have a look at the following information till the end to find out.

Why Choosing Minspy is the Best Tracking Application

Obviously there are many apps but when we talk about Minspy then we can say that this is one of the finest source to track someones location by cell phone number. Minspy is a new application and came into the surface a few years back but all the features it has are the best ones.

Track Someone's Location By Cell Phone Number 1

You will not find anything better than this one when it comes to tracing an application with the help of a cell phone number as all the work here will be done remotely. There is no need to touch the device physically as everything will be done via automatic processing.

The app is 100% safe and secure and users can make the most of it without having this fear that the app will secure some data and like many other applications use it against you. Minspy is legal and doesn’t cause you this harm as it doesn’t save any information to blackmail you.

Minspy as a Tracking Application

If you are thinking where to go for then this guide is the best way to get to know about Minspy. Users can track the spied device with the help of the feature named geofence as it allows you to gain access to the location of the device by following it on the map. 

Here you are supposed to mark a few places on the map and when the device will cross those marked places you will receive an alert and get to know where the device is at the current moment. 

Track Someone's Location By Cell Phone Number 2

The application works for both iOS as well as for Android devices. For former just add the iCloud account details and leave the rest of the work on the app. The app does the rest of the work remotely. There is no need to install anything in the target phone. 

Track Someone's Location By Cell Phone Number 3

With android devices you are supposed to install the app in the spied phone. This is the only time you need to touch the phone. After that there is no need to do anything like that. The application is really small in size, doesn’t drain the battery of the phone and takes a very little space so you are good to go with Minspy.

The application’s icon is removed from the screen after installation so we can say that users are 100% safe in using this application and there are 0% chances of being exposed for tracking or doing anything suspicious. 

Users can see the things that are being received, shared, removed and uploaded on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and WhatsApp. Even the deleted information can be seen by using this app. 

People who are up for a cost-effective solution should go for this app as it offers more than one subscription plan for users. You can pick the one that suits you the best. All these subscription plans come along with different features that are really good in performance so go for the one that you think fulfills your needs. 

There is a feature of live demo on the official website so you can go for that as well. By watching it you can understand the features of the app in the best way. It allows you to get to know how exactly the application runs. 

The customer support team of Minspy is really good as they are really active in helping people till they are able to fix the issue. They work all the day and night and are always ready to assist you regarding all your quarries you are encountering. You can contact them whenever you need to and they will guide you in the perfect way.

Apart from tracking to use Minspy you don’t have to jailbreak and root the device as this application functions without these features. The application is easy to use and doesn’t leave its customers to follow complex commands on their own. 

With Minspy everything is quite simple as users don’t have to go through from a complicated process and the whole process of tracking is simple. With other applications these features are mandatory so to execute them users should have some technical know-how. 

To get to know about the other functions of the spied phone you can read text messages, see chats, get to know about the passwords, see social media accounts and all the activities related to it, keep track of call logs, see browser history, check pictures, videos, see contact numbers and names. From A-Z everything will be revealed in front of you if you are using Minspy.

The web-based interface of this amazing application helps you in using the app with all kinds of browsers. There is no need to have a certain one in order to run the app as it’s user-friendly in-built system allows you to use the application with all kinds of browsers so just go for it as you don’t have to look for another app in order to gain access to a particular kind of OS. 

Using Minspy to Track Someone’s Location by having their Cell Phone Number

Step 1: As the first step just visit the official Minspy website and sign up for a free account. Here you are supposed to use your email ID while signing up as the username.    

Step 2: Here buy a monthly Minspy subscription. You can use Minspy to keep an eye on one device by purchasing the Premium plan. To track more than one device you can pick the Family or Corporate plans.   

Step 3: Now you’ll receive setup instructions via email. This process will take less than 10 minutes so just choose the spied phone. It can be iOS or Android so just go for the on-screen instructions. 

In case you’re installing Minspy on an iPhone or iPad, you need to add the device’s iCloud username and password. You don’t require to install anything on the phone so just wait for a few minutes until Minspy syncs with the target device. 

In case you are installing Minspy on the target Android smartphones or tablets then you need to download a 2MB app on the spied phone. After that you can hide the app if needed. Give a few minutes for the app to sync with the device.  

Step 4: At the end you can find someone’s phone from your web browser. Log in to your Minspy account. The Minspy dashboard pops up so you can see the outlook of the phone’s activity. 

Track Someone's Location By Cell Phone Number 4


We hope that the above information would be sufficient for you in order for you to know how to use one of the finest applications that helps in tracking. Just go for it and try out this app for the sake of tracking the spied phone. 

We can assure you that you will enjoy the whole experience as the app gives you a unique sense of ease that not many other tracking devices have for you to offer. Try this out and share your views with us. We are looking forward to your precious opinions here.

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