How to transfer all WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android

Since you have decided to switch from an iPhone to a smartphone with Google’s mobile operating system, you are transferring the most important files. In this guide, we will talk specifically about how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android so as to bring conversations from the old to the new device without losing them. Before entering the new Teknologya tutorial, it is necessary to clarify some things. First of all, we tell you that currently WhatsApp does not integrate a feature that allows you to transfer conversations from iPhone to Android (and vice versa) because the backup files created are very different and therefore incompatible.

In the next lines we will go to list the whole operation using third party tools and then unofficial. This means that at any moment the tools may not work properly or do not transfer all conversations from the old to the new device. That said, we can move on to real driving.

How to transfer all WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android

How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

After doing the small but important premise, we can now finally move on to the main topic of the tutorial. In the next lines we will explain the steps to be made specifically.

Here are the following:

  • The first thing to do is to create a backup of your iPhone using iTunes. In this case, we advise you to carefully follow our dedicated guide on how to backup iPhone with iTunes.
  • The next step is to download the iBackup Viewer software available for free for both Windows and MacOS. Basically, this program allows you to access the content present in an iOS backup. So, connect to the software website and press the download button for mac for Mac or download for windows for Windows.
  • Once the installation is complete, double-click on the link to start iBackup Viewer. The software should automatically recognize and import the backup to iTunes on your PC.
  • In this case, select the one you created a short while ago, click on the Raw Files button and wait for the iBackup Viewer to extract the files in the backup.
  • Complete the operation, press the Tree View button, on the left of Export, and identify the box that you find in the left sidebar.
  • After pressing the folder icon, hold down the Ctrl or Cmd key on your keyboard and press the Media folder (containing photos, videos and voice recordings) and the ChatStorage.sqlite file that appears to the right.
  • After this step, click on the Export button, select Selected from the menu that appears and choose the path in which to save the extracted files using Windows File Explorer or the MacOS Finder.
  • Complete the procedure by pressing the Save button and disconnecting the iPhone from the PC.
  • Once the SIM is extracted from the iPhone and inserted into the cart of the Android smartphone, turn on the latter to proceed with the restoration of conversations using the backup of WhatsApp for iOS.
  • First you need to install the WhatsApp app from the Google Play Store if it is not on your device.
  • After that, start it and follow the wizard to make the initial configuration.
  • Then, purchase, download and install WazzapMigrator on your phone from the Play Store. For those who do not know, it is an app that allows you to import WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android in a very simple way. The only thing to accept is that it is a paid software that costs 5.99 dollars.
  • Once the installation is complete, connect the Android smartphone to the PC using the supplied USB cable and open the File Explorer or the Finder.
  • In the next step, open the WhatsApp folder, present in the smartphone’s internal memory, and paste the ChatStorage.sqlite file and the previously saved Media folder.
  • At this point, disconnect the Android device from the PC, uninstall WhatsApp and start WazzapMigrator.
  • Now, tap on the item Select the iPhone archive and then click on Yes to proceed with the automatic search.
  • Once the app has detected the backup, press the Play button and wait for the conversion to end conversions to adapt to Android. This step may take a few minutes depending on the amount of chat to be transformed.
  • When the operation is complete, click on OK and install WhatsApp again using the link provided a little while ago.
  • After having done the classic initial configuration of the instant messaging app, tap on Restore from the Local Backup section and wait for the end of recovery.
  • You can permanently terminate the operation, if you want, by deleting the files in the WazzapMigrator folder.

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