How to transfer all data to a new Android smartphone

Wondering how you will transfer your data to your new Android smartphone? We propose in this tutorial to do it via the tools already you have, without installing anything. Your Google Account normally synchronizes, if properly configured, all your applications, contacts and other data. Some smartphones also have the possibility to transfer everything quickly via the NFC Tap & Go functionality. The only problem with this method is that both smartphones must be compatible!

How to transfer all data from an Android smartphone to a new Android smartphone

To transfer all your data from an old Android smartphone to your new device:

Your two smartphones are compatible NFC Tap & Go

  1. Unlock your old smartphone and check in the settings that the NFC is enabled
  2. When setting up the new smartphone, select Tap & Go
  3. Approach both smartphones
  4. Validate data transfer on the old smartphone

A message will appear when the data transfer is complete.

Smartphones are not NFC compatible Tap & Go

On your old smartphone:

  1. Check that the smartphone is linked to a Google account and is connected in WiFi
  2. Go to Settings> System> Backup and sync
  3. Enable  Save on Google Drive  if it’s not already done
  4. Check that everything is checked in the list, including contacts
  5. Upload photos to Google Photos if they’re not already there
  6. Copy your personal files into Google Drive

Warning: Depending on the amount of data and the speed of your internet connection, the transfer to the cloud can take up to several hours.

On your new smartphone:

  1. Link your Google Account to your new smartphone during setup
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to restore your backup, contacts, settings, and apps
  3. You can access your photos in the Google Photos app and the rest of your personal files in Google Drive

You succeeded? Are you encountering difficulties? Feel free to share your feedback in the comments. We will update this tutorial to improve it. You can also check out our more detailed method for backing up all the files on your Android smartphone.

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