Best way to transfer files between android and mac directly

If the file transfer between an Android device and a Windows computer is managed natively by both systems, the same operation performed with a Mac is a bit more complicated. In fact, the Apple operating system does not detect Android devices.

Unless you have an Internet connection powerful enough to upload and download files via cloud tools (Google Drive, Dropbox), the last resort is the Bluetooth connection. But we do not hide it, this technology is not very powerful when it comes to heavy file transfers.

In this article, we are presenting the most effective alternative solutions to manage transfers between Mac and Android.

How to transfer files between Android and MAC via USB?

To perform file transfers between a Mac and an Android smartphone, you can purchase a small OTG (on the Go) cable. This is a type of adapter that allows you to simply connect a USB stick to your smartphone and use it as additional storage space.

When you need to transfer your files to or from a key you only need to use your file explorer and simply copy and paste.

How to transfer files between Android and MAC via software?

Transferring files between Android and MAC via USB OTG is not very practical, but still guarantees much higher transfer rates than Bluetooth. If the hardware solution does not satisfy you, you can opt for free software solutions with which you will be able to manage your files with or without USB cable.

Android File Transfer: the first love

The best option you have is suggested by Android when you connect your smartphone or tablet on a Mac with a conventional USB cable. This is the Android file transfer software.

This free and lightweight utility will let you use your Android device like any hard drive or USB drive. The disadvantage is that it is not possible to transfer files whose size exceeds 4 GB due to the file system.

AirDroid: the reference

It is probably the most popular solution for transferring files between an Android device and a Mac or any other device with Web access. By installing the client on your Mac computer, you can send and receive your text messages and calls from its interface.

You will also be able to duplicate the screenshots of some applications like Whatsapp or Line (if your smartphone is rooted).

But what interests us today is file transfer.

Through the application browser you can easily access all the files on your Android device. To access it, you must enter the address issued by the Android app in the browser. Note that file management and transfer is possible regardless of the type of network used for the connection.

PC Suite Web: simple and effective

The PC Suite web application is much less complete, but as Airdroid the technical management and file transfer is the same: to access the secure PPH link or flash the QR Code released by the Android application to access the File Manager via a computer.

Note that the online file manager supports drag-and-drop and can also manage contacts and installed applications.

Zapya: sharing and discussion groups

Zapya is the last alternative we will present to you. It comes straight from China, so do not be surprised if the Chinese characters appear at the time of installation. This application also allows file transfer between different platforms, including Mac and Android.

Once the Zapya client is installed on your Mac, you can exchange files without size restrictions. The advantage of Zapya is that it allows you to create groups (maximum 5 participants) within which you can share files.

The app also includes playable minigames on the network and allows backups with its duplicate function. This feature offers you the possibility to save all data on the old Android device to transfer them to a new one. We hope that Zapya does not become a gas factory like Clean Master.

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