Transfer photos and videos from iPhone to Samsung using Google Photos

If you also fall into the circle of many users who suddenly choose to switch from the operating system iOS to Android then you definitely want to know how you can transfer data from iPhone to Samsung, if you have obviously chosen a device of the Korean company.

There are many effective solutions for transferring photos and videos from iPhone to Samsung. Let’s not lose ourselves in chat and see immediately one of the best methods in circulation, the easiest of all so even the least savvy of technology will have no problem in following it.

If you really want to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to the new device of the Korean giant, then we recommend you to rely on the popular Google Photos app. The app created by Big G, in fact, allows saving images and movies on the cloud without having to pay a penny and without any limit of space, however, accepting the 16 megapixel compression for photos and 1080 pixels for video.

Here’s how to proceed:

  1. In case you have not already installed it on your phone, download and install the Google photo app on the iPhone from the App Store;
  2. Once you start, click on the 3 dashes that remain at the top left and then click on Settings;
  3. From here, choose the backup and synchronization item and then, using the Upload size option, set high quality to have a free and unlimited storage space;
  4. Once you have successfully completed the synchronization process of movies and images on the iPhone, switch to the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone of your choice;
  5. Also in this case, download and proceed with the installation of the Photo app from the Play Store and activate the backup function following the same steps as for the iPhone.

Definitely a very simple guide. Transferring photos and videos from iPhone to Samsung via the Google Photos app is very easy for everyone.

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