Netflix Tricks to know to make the most of it

Netflix is one of the most used legal streaming services in the world thanks to the large amount of TV series and films available with just one click on the PC or a tap on the screen of a smartphone/tablet.

But not everyone knows the tricks to make the most of Netflix, since many are not immediately accessible or known by everyone. Find out in this guide how to take advantage of the Netflix service to the fullest.

Finding 4K UHD content on Netflix

On Netflix with the highest resolution currently exploitable (ie UltraHD), simply log in to Netflix on a Smart TV or a Netflix enabled 4K device and, by clicking on the search button in the top right of the Home page, type “4K”.

Play one of the content on the page to benefit from high definition. Currently you can take advantage of this resolution if you have a line of at least 25 megabits per second and if you have one of the following devices:

  • Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One X
  • Chromecast Ultra
  • Samsung UHD smart TV
  • LG UHD smart TV
  • Sony UHD Smart TV
  • NVIDIA Shield TV

Find content produced by Netflix

Want to see only the content produced and made by Netflix exclusively for its platform? All you have to do is open the search button at the top right and type “Netflix” as a search term.

All the contents that present in the poster at the top left the writing Netflix are exclusive visible only on this platform, made by Netflix for its users.

Advanced search by genre and category

Not sure how to find a movie or a specific category on Netflix? You can help with the Chrome Netflix Categories extension, available for download from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Netflix Categories

With this extension installed you can (after logging in on Netflix) look for any movie or category, with the possibility to save your favorite categories by clicking on the present heart next to each category. So you can find all the movies and genres that you like without going crazy in the service interface.

How to change resolution on Netflix

The resolution with which you transmit Netflix on your PC does not satisfy you? You can change the quality of Netflix videos by clicking on the top right icon of the profile and opening the “Account” menu; from this menu just click on “Playback Settings” and select “High”.

Now the videos will be played at the highest possible quality for the device in use. If you want to change the resolution while viewing a video, just press the Shift + Alt keys and the left mouse button to enable the secret menu of Netflix where to choose the quality of playback.

See and clear the history on Netflix

Do not you want someone to discover the videos or TV series you watched? You can view and clear the history on Neflix by clicking on the profile icon at the top right, selecting the “Account” menu and opening the “browsing history” item.

You will see all the history of the content you have viewed on Netflix; to delete them click on the X next to the content name and confirm the cancellation. If you are not interested in canceling the whole TV series, click on the “Remove the series?” Item that will appear when you delete an episode of a TV series.

Change subscription type on Netflix

You no longer want the SD subscription but want to switch to HD or UltraHD? Netflix allows you to dynamically change the rate plan of your subscription directly in the menu: “Account> Edit Plan”.

Choose the subscription that best reflects your needs and activate it. Immediately Netflix will enable you to access the chosen contents.

Which browser to use on PC for Netflix

Not all PC browsers are suitable for high definition and 4K of Netflix. In order to properly view the contents you will need to use a specific browser for each platform.

  • Google Chrome: support up to 720p on Windows, Mac and Linux, 1080p on Chrome OS
  • Microsoft Edge: support up to 4K
  • Internet Explorer: support up to 1080p
  • Mozilla Firefox: support up to 720p
  • Safari: support up to 1080p on Mac OS X 10.10.3 or later

In order to enjoy the maximum resolution you will have to use one of the Microsoft browsers or Safari (on Mac). Additional specifications are required for 4K: HDCP 2.2 support, 4K monitors, seventh-generation Intel or later CPUs and the latest Windows 10 updates.

Where to find user reviews

Netflix has introduced a system through evaluation with the Like to evaluate the content in its catalog, but to understand if the film will be pleasant or not by a simple thumb up is not at all easy! Fortunately you can still find the reviews of users, you just open the TV series page or film to play, click on the “Details” tab and check the ratings made by other users.

Download Netflix content to review it offline

Do you want to review Netflix content without Internet access? Some content in the catalog can be downloaded to be viewed offline without a connection, provided you use the right app. To use the download on Netflix use one of the apps below based on the operating system where you will play the offline content.

DOWNLOAD | Windows 10 | Android | iOS

Once the app is installed (download is not available from a web browser) choose the content compatible with the download and, next to each episode or content, click the down arrow to start the download.

Downloaded content will only be playable with the app that downloaded it (so no external players). Not all content is available for download, but if the TV series or the film are produced by Netflix, availability is guaranteed.

For more information, read the article: Download videos from Netflix.

Keyboard shortcuts for Netflix

Do you want to better control Netflix playback on your PC? You can get help from keyboard shortcuts; Here is a complete list of shortcuts you can use.

  • Space bar : play and pause
  • Enter : play and pause
  • Page up : play
  • Page down : pause
  • F key : full screen
  • Esc key : exit full screen
  • Shift + Left arrow : go back
  • Shift + Right arrow : fast forward
  • Up arrow : turn up the volume
  • Down arrow : lower the volume
  • M key : mute

With these keys you will manage to better manage Netflix even when you are focused on viewing the contents.

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