Tumblr disappeared from Apple App Store: that’s why

The popular blogging platform Tumblr has been removed from the Apple App Store as a result of some reports from users: this is what happened.

Tumblr has been removed from the App Store: these days you may have noticed the absence of the application dedicated to the social network that allows you to create blogs where you post content of various kinds.

The platform is used by many artists, designers, musicians and various performers, to post and advertise their work: the Tumblr community perhaps represents, in part, the underworld of the social world from which often emerge interesting content and posts of various kinds like meme and GIF.

“Doing the GIF for Tumblr” is one of the most famous ways of saying on the web when referring to the social, on which first of all have depopulated the now famous moving images, which today is banned from the virtual store of Apple with the related application developed for iOS 12.

If you have iPhone and iPad, you can not download Tumblr at the moment, unless you have already done so before and the reason for Apple’s decision is at the center of some speculation that today seems to be confirmed.

Tumblr: child pornography material on social media?

The removal of the application for Apple devices was confirmed by the same developer team of Tumblr, which claims to be currently working to restore the app as soon as possible on the store.

Now it is The Verge who tries to shed light on the issue, following a track already beaten in the previous days and leading to the presence of sexual Contents and child pornography on the platform.

A serious stain, to which Tumblr itself did not take long to respond through an official note: “we are committed every day to building a secure online environment for all users and we have a zero tolerance policy on all types of media showing content at sexual background against minors, or abuse. Being a problem that involves the entire industry, we work in collaboration with partners such as NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) to monitor every type of content loaded on the platform. All the images uploaded to Tumblr are first compared with the databases related to explicit materials with minor players already known, so as not to get such content online.

The insiders assume the release of a new version of the application for iOS that sees the total absence of explicit content for adults, so as to fall within the guidelines established by Apple (which takes a lot to families, as pointed out several times by CEO Tim Cook).

In fact, for some years Tumblr is known for the presence of VM18 content pornographic, disseminated through special channels: nothing strange, as Twitter the social network has maintained a more permissive line about the presence of this type of material on their channels.

Both from mobile and PC the vision of this content is always obscured, upon prior request to log in to verify the correct age consent.

Following what happened recently with Apple, Tumblr’s backtrack against this policy is not to be excluded: the child pornography oversight could be very expensive for the social network purchased a few years ago by Yahoo!.

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