Following the wake of the iPhone 5C, Apple has decided to unveil the iPhone XR at the Steve Jobs Theater on September 12, 2018. It is a “cheaper” mid-range mobile phone that goes alongside the elder brothers XS and XS Max. In this guide today we will talk in detail about how to turn off the iPhone XR listing all the available solutions.

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How to turn off iPhone XR: traditional method

The first solution to be able to turn off your iOS device is to use the new side key whose name has been changed after deleting the Home button. So, to turn off the iPhone XR, it is now necessary to simultaneously press the side button on the right and one of the two buttons to adjust the volume placed on the left side (Volume up or Volume down).

When the Scroll slider is displayed to switch off, simply release the keys and swipe the text from left to right. Once properly powered off, the iOS smartphone can be turned on by holding the side button down until the apple logo appears on the screen.

How to turn off iPhone XR without using the buttons

There is a method that allows you to turn off your device without using keys. This is possible using an option in the Settings. All you need to do is open the Settings by pressing the gear icon you find in the iOS home screen, choose the General menu, scroll down and press on Turn off. At this point just swipe from left to right on the slider to turn off your iPhone XR.

This method is very useful in case the side key is damaged and therefore you can not turn off the terminal. To turn it on again, simply connect it to a power outlet using the charger and the Lightning cable supplied both in the package without the need to press any button.

How to turn off iPhone XR: other solutions

If your intent is to restart the iPhone XR and not to shut it down completely, then you can take advantage of the AssistiveTouch or forced reboot if the device does not give any sign of life.

In the first case, to use the AssistiveTouch you must first enable it by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and turning ON the switch at the AssistiveTouch entry (it will turn green). Once this is done, click on Edit main menu and on the next screen, tap on one of the gray icons available on the + or simply add a new one by pressing + on the number of icons.

In the next step, choose Restart from the pop-up menu that appears. To restart your iPhone XR, just plug on the floating square on the screen and choose Restart twice in a row.

In the case of forced reboot, however, you must quickly press and release the Volume upVolume down and side keys until the Slide to turn off message appears. Continue to hold down the side key until the phone’s screen turns completely black.


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