How to unblock the OnePlus 5 Bootloader

How to Unblock the OnePlus 5 Bootloader. OnePlus has recently launched its new flagship device the OnePlus 5, which is sold with the bootloader locked. But with a few simple steps, you can unlock the OnePlus 5 Bootloader.

If you decide to install a ROM, root the phone, or install a custom recovery, then you must first unlock the OnePlus 5 bootloader. But I warn you that unlocking the OnePlus 5 Bootloader may void the warranty.

Follow the following guide to unlock the OnePlus Bootloader 5. We are not responsible for any damage to your phone. During the process all personal data will be deleted, so we advise you to make a complete backup of your phone before proceeding.

Make sure the phone is at least 60% charged to prevent accidental shutdown during the process.

How to unblock the OnePlus 5 Bootloader

1) First, you need to enable USB debugging and OEM Unlocking in the developer options. To activate the Developer options, go to Info on your phone and tap on build number 7 times.

2) Install the ADB and fastboot drivers. How to do.

3) After installing the drivers, you can see a folder named ADB in the installation directory. Inside the folder there are four files including ADB and fastboot.exe.

4) Now press and hold the ‘shift’ key and right click anywhere in the folder and select ‘Open Here Command Window’.

5) Now connect the device to the PC and enter the fastboot mode. To enter the fastboot mode on the OnePlus 5 enter the following command.
adb reboot bootloader
6) Now enter the command that follows. If everything went well you will see the serial number of the device, it means that the device has been connected correctly. Check the drivers if it is not.
fastboot devices
7) To unlock the OnePlus 5 bootloader, enter the following command. It will only take a few seconds to complete the process.
fastboot oem unlock
At this point, you have unlocked the bootloader on the OnePlus 5. The phone will reboot automatically. Have you finished!

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