How to uninstall Flash Player from Mac

If you think this is the right time to uninstall Flash Player on Mac, because you think it could be the gateway to let hackers into your computer, this is the guide for you to find out how to uninstall Flash Player once for all from your Mac.

Over the past two years, Adobe Flash has become known to have had some serious security vulnerabilities that have made it susceptible to being hacked easily and become a privileged gateway for hackers to enter and raid your computer data.

In fact, just after the latest Hacking Team scandal, Firefox allows you to install Flash from your web browser only on request. Google Chrome has also limited the automatic installation of Adobe Flash. We would not be surprised if other web browsers will follow in the footsteps of Mozilla and Google, considering that even the security manager of Facebook, Alex Stamos, has asked Adobe to stop the spread of Flash. At this point Adobe Flash looks like a walking dead, as a well-known computer expert and security expert has called it.

How to uninstall flash player on Mac

That said, it’s time to see how to uninstall Flash Player on Mac and I invite you to follow the next guide. You do not have to worry about your multimedia content, because many of your favorite sites will continue to work well. The most popular video streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix have already moved to HTML5, so they no longer rely on Flash, making it the perfect time to free up your Flash Mac and make the device safer.

With Adobe products, when you uninstall an application you expect all the linked files to be completely erased from the system. But in fact it is not so, there are always files that are sometimes difficult to find or eliminate.

Steps to uninstall flash player on Mac

Fortunately, there is a very simple process for uninstalling this Adobe product, thanks to the use of a simple Flash uninstall tool that can be downloaded and installed for free. It is simple to use and takes only a few seconds. The program is called Adobe Flash Player Unistaller and works with OS X 10.5 or later versions, just download it and install it as you would any other application.

So, to uninstall flash player on Mac just open the program and click on Uninstall button.

The process to uninstall flash player on Mac takes only a few seconds, and after it is completed you can close the uninstall tool and you will be fine. At that point, you can also uninstall the uninstall tool, since it will no longer be necessary.

If you have a previous version of OS X (prior to OS X 10.5), you can use this uninstaller that works with OS X Tiger and OS X Leopard.

Now that you have chosen to uninstall flash player on Mac but you need this Player for work, you can install a Flash plugin for Safari in case you want to use Apple’s web browser. Basically, this prevents any Flash content from automatically running the application unless you give it permission to run.

Adobe Flash until a few years ago was the indispensable software to be able to open any multimedia content, but now that HTML5 is replacing it becoming the reference Player for new video content, Flash is losing popularity, especially because it is full of security bugs that Adobe is generally very slow to solve.

The choice of uninstalling flash player on Mac becomes a benefit for your computer, since all your favorite websites have come out of the orbit of Flash, so there’s no need anymore, especially if you use it occasionally.

Even Steve Jobs cried his hatred of software in 2010, never wanting to use this tool on his iPhone and iPad, so this lack of love for Flash can not be considered a novelty. We think that the time for this Adobe Flash to get out of the scene is fast approaching.

I hope this has given you the right reasons to uninstall flash player on Mac while waiting for HTML5 to replace it permanently.

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