10 Unique Last Names That Start With D & Their Meanings

There are hundreds of last names (starting with the letter D) that you hear every day.  Today, we did some research and found out the 10 most unique last names starting with D.

We will share the origin and ancestry of these unique last names along with their meanings in different languages. Therefore, you can expect complete information related to these names without performing any other search.

This information helps trace your ancestry and find out more about the history of your last name. 

Unique Last Names With D

Every name has a unique story. Here we will share the unique last names that start with D and will help you explore those stories. If you want to explore more names, visit CocoFinder and continue your search there.

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1. Dunlop

Dunlop is a Scottish name and it originated from a place near Kilmarnock. The area is known as Dunlop and people living near this area are known as Dunlop. After translating it to the English language, you can get a meaning like ‘little pow’ that signifies the situation of a poor man.

There are around 3,056 people in the United States with this last name. California has the highest number of populations with the same last name.

2. Drexler

Drexler is a German-originated name that has Jewish ancestry. It is an alternative name of Drechsler that stands for ‘Turner’. The name is quite popular in German communities and has its roots in the Middle ages due to the associated values.

In the United States, more than 2,315 people share this last name and New York has the highest number of individuals with the same surname. 

3. Dunphy

It is an Irish name that originated from a small town in Ireland. The meaning of this name is ‘Descendants of DonnChadh ‘. It also stands for ‘son of DonnChadh’. This Irish-originated name has its roots in a personal name. However, the nickname is given to a ‘dark-haired person’.

The popularity of this name in the US is way less than other names starting with the D. However, around 2000 people are still using this name as their surname in different states of America. 

4. Drummond

Drummond is a habitational Scottish name that is given to people who live around druim ridge. That is why you can find people with this surname in different places. However, the ancestry tracks back to the areas of Scotland for all the people.

In the US, there are only 895 registered citizens with this surname. Maximum 77 people in Florida are found in a single state.

5. Delreal

Delreal is a topographic name that originated from two different worlds. Del means ‘from’ and real means ‘royal’. Thus, Delreal means ‘From Royal’. It is a Spanish name and people can find ancestries to different royal families. 

In the US, more than 1474 people share it as their last name. Surprisingly, 911 people out of 1474 live in California, and the rest of them live in other states.

6. Dollard

Dollard is a surname that originated in the thirteenth century in Ireland. The name stands for Dublin, the capital of Ireland. Therefore, all the people can trace their ancestry to this place. Even in the United States, only 856 people are found with the same last name.

New York is the most commonplace for people with this surname.

7. Dowd

Dowd is an English name that is Anglo-Saxon and stands for people with dark or brown complexion. It is also nicknamed for people with dark hair. The surname is quite popular in the United States and there are more than 7000 people with this last name in the country. 

Some people believe that the surname has some Irish connection as well. Therefore, the meaning is translated into multiple languages to avoid any confusion. 

8. Deleo

The surname Deleo comes from the name Leoni that signifies a person like Lion. That is why this title was given to the brave souls who have a history of fighting. They originated from the areas of Germany and Ireland. However, the ancestry of this name is quite diverse.

In the United States, around 2,268 people use Deleo as their surname. These numbers have increased in the past decade and we expect a faster growth rate in the coming few years.

9. Dole

The Surname Dole has its English and French origin. The meaning of this name is derived from the word Dubh that stands for ‘dark and tall’. Therefore, the name was given to the people with a dark complexion who had better height than the average.

Around 2000 people in different states of America recognize themselves as the descendants of this ancestry. The surname is most common in California and New York state. 

10. Dunn

Dunn is another unique name that starts with D. However, the ancestry of this name goes back to Ireland. The meaning of this name is ‘Descendants of Donn’. It is also known as ‘Grandson of Donn’. It is nicknamed for Black-eyed people with the same origin.

When it comes to the US, more than 32,933 people recognize themselves from the same ancestry. It is considered the 12th most popular last name (starting with D) in the United States. Texas is home to around 10% of the total population with this surname. 

Final Words

In the last decade, Davis was the most common last name in the US. The name added thousands of new members to its ancestries in the US alone. According to the growth ratio, it is estimated to increase at a faster rate.

If you want to learn more about these unique last names, we recommend doing some research on their ancestries. It is because all the ancestries track back to the same place or person and provide better information.

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