How to use Animoji on iPhone X

There is no better way to show that you have an iPhone X (and your friends no) than sending them animoji messages. Animoji is an array of sensors that allows three-dimensional scanning of the face also allows you to have access to additional features. The smart thing is that, using the iPhone X face detection software, the facial expressions of animated emoji characters match yours and change it into emoji!

Here’s how to use Animoji on iPhone X

Open Messages and touch the Animoji app

The only place to do Animoji is in the Messages app. Start the message app and then look at the text entry area at the bottom of the screen. If the keyboard is displayed, you will need to tap the App icon, just to the left of the text entry area.

If the keyboard is not visible, you should see a small strip of icons at the bottom of the screen. These are your Messaging apps, including sticker packs (introduced in iOS 10), the Music app, Digital Touch, and more. The Animoji icon is the face of a monkey. Tap to access the Animoji app.

Choose your character

On the left side of the Animoji app there is a scrolling list of all the Animoji characters at your disposal. There are 12: monkey, robot, cat, puppy, alien, fox, poop, pig, panda, rabbit, chicken and unicorn. Touch one and replace the current face displayed in the main Animoji area.

Expand for a full-screen view

By default Animoji works at the bottom of the screen, under your conversations. To go fullscreen, tap the expansion arrow at the top of the Animoji area, just below the text entry field. The screen will fill with all 12 Animoji icons and a larger area for your Animoji on the currently selected iPhone X.

Keep the phone up and pose

Once you start the Animoji app, you must be sure to hold the phone so that the front camera can see your face. Then you can start to see your facial expressions reflected in the animated character on the screen.

Apple has done a remarkable job of mapping different facial expressions of different characters, so you may find that the expression you are doing is reflected differently from your Animoji character. (For example, if the cheeks swell while the robot is selected, its ears pop out of the head.)

Record a 10-second video message

The most common way to share an Animoji is to record a video message of 10 seconds. To start recording, touch the red dot in the lower left corner of the Animoji window. You will see a countdown timer in time starting from 10 seconds. You can tap the button again to stop recording if you’re done before 10 seconds pass.

Once you’re done, you’ll immediately see your Animoji message being played. If you hate it, touch the trash icon on the right side of the screen. If you want to see it again, touch the play icon. If you want to send it to the person you’re talking to, touch the blue send icon. (People without iMessage will receive a link to a video file).

Change the Animoji you used after recording

If you like the recording you did, but you want to try it with other Animoji characters, you can do it. After registration, choose a different character from the menu on the left and the video will play again, with the face of the new character.

Send a sticker

Videos are not the only way to share Animoji. Each face of Animoji can be a still image that you can send to a friend. To send a photo, touch Animoji’s face on the screen while you are laying and that image will be inserted into your message. You can also touch and drag your face out of Animoji’swindow and drop it at any point in the conversation as an adhesive.

Save your Animoji videos for later

If you find one of your videos particularly fun – or you want to use it elsewhere – you can save it as a video file. Simply tap and hold the Animoji video until a menu is displayed, then tap Save. The video is added to the Camera Roll, so it will sync with all your devices and will be available everywhere.

If you have problems with the Animoji on iPhone X do not hesitate to ask in the comments box!

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