Now Is the Time for Renaissance! The Use of Bitcoin Will Cause a New Resurgence

Due to the widespread use of time preference extension, the arts and design will thrive under the bitcoin standard. As part of a keynote address to the audience at BitBlockBoom in August 2021, American Hodl urged them to consider using our resources to benefit future generations as the future wealthy elite. If someone spends their bitcoin on risky enterprises, they will not recover those bitcoins later on. Even though American Hodl did not offer his views about the kinds of things Bitcoiners should invest in to benefit humanity, his query was a significant inquiry into the ideals of Bitcoin users, and his speech was greeted with applause when it concluded. Before moving further into our article, please register yourself on the bitcoin-southafrican-system and learn to trade with the first government-approved cryptocurrency.

Use of Bitcoin for a New Resurgence

As Parker Lewis said in a recent edition of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast, “the most significant difference [between Bitcoin and the present monetary system] is that to get bitcoin, you must first provide value on the free market.” If you want to get money under this monetary system, you must first provide value to someone on the opposite side of the transaction. That is not fundamentally true under the dollar system, as previously stated. When we move to a bitcoin-denominated economy, only those who contribute to creating value will get compensation. The opportunity will present itself as Bitcoiners to invest our resources in businesses aligned with our values and provide value to the global community.

Bitcoiners come from many walks of life and hold a diverse range of beliefs. After everything is said and done, the underlying value system that all Bitcoiners seem to share is individual autonomy, economic responsibility, and a low-time preference shown via the accumulation of wealth.

You may learn more about Bitcoin’s energy use by reading Nick Carter’s essay or this piece by Lyn Alden if you’re interested in learning more about it. Many articles demonstrate this advantage; therefore, the purpose of this post is to propose another benefit that Bitcoin will have on humankind: the revival and thriving in all forms of artwork and the development of state-of-the-art infrastructure in the future. Together, these principles will create compounding financial riches and power that may allocate to promote creative and inventive technologies, energy generation, and the arts.

With the advent of NFTs, the Ethereum community is seeing the early stages of what seems to be a resurgence of artistic expression. I think this is a misleading analogy to art collecting and that it is more similar to collecting baseball cards, stamps, and action figures rather than collecting art. Bored Apes are another NFT craze in which consumers are ready to pay ridiculous sums of money on limited game versions. 

Even though NFTs have some inherent worth owing to their digital scarcity, and mainly when they create artists utilizing actual works of art, there is a popular joke among cynics. This obsession with the digital shortage is an example of misdirected low-time preference for art, as is the case with many other things. According to Erik Voorhees ‘ tweet, people’s aesthetic and cultural needs and scarcity drive the value of NFTs. Is it possible that someone’s unique CryptoPunk may one day be on exhibit at a museum? My prediction is that the enthusiasm for this kind of art will wane and that we will no longer see these NFTs on display anyplace other than at a niche Comic Con-like convention. With a reduced preference for time, the Bitcoin elite will be more motivated to support artists whose work can and should be preserved for future generations to appreciate and respect their efforts.

What will we use to decorate the walls? What are the talents that are of genuine use to us in our daily lives? When it comes to resource allocation, we should begin thinking about it as soon as possible after the fact. When hyperbitcoinization occurs, we must be prepared to use our newly acquired riches in a measured and prudent manner. According to our own beliefs and aspirations, we should pay particular attention to artwork, architecture, and general innovation.

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