How to use portrait mode on iPhone X

The new Apple phone features are increasingly attractive, and a process that many will be able to use that will surely be able to use the portrait mode on iPhone X. This, in fact, allows you to take pictures much more artistic and deep even if the subject is in motion, or originally had some fair difficulty in posing.

So let’s see how to use the portrait mode on the iPhone X quickly and easily.

How the portrait mode works

The portrait mode, also present on the iPhone X, was introduced already in some previous models of Apple phones, as for the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 8 Plus. The reason why this was not present in the models older was related to the absence of the two-lens camera system.

This, in fact, gives the possibility to create portraits with a much softer light and with more beautiful effects. Furthermore, it also allows the background to be blurred, much more naturally, than the central subject of the portrait itself.

This effect is called bokeh in photography and once had to be done with professional machines or using post-production.

Use portrait mode on iPhone x

Now let’s see how to use portrait mode on iPhone x in detail. First of all, it will be fundamental to understand how to access this mode by opening your camera.

As with video and the slow motion system, even the portrait mode can be opened when, by initializing the camera application, you will move with a swipe in the menu accessible in the lower part of the camera.

The portrait mode will be highlighted in yellow and you can start choosing it to start taking pictures. The app itself, in this part, will initially offer you the possibility to choose different options for light and image composition, but it will also work automatically, if you are not yet able to act on these parameters manually.

For example, the hexagon at the bottom of the screen, which bears the word “natural light”, is the default setting for the portrait mode. At this point, you can start shooting, even if you can not use portrait mode on iPhone x for the realization of Live Photos, for example.

To create images with the portrait mode that are really beautiful and enviable, the advice is not to get too far from the subject that will be taken by the camera: in fact, the average distance should be about two meters.

At the same time, to use portrait mode on iPhone x at best you also have to try to space as much as possible the person you want to shoot from the background, so that this can actually be much more blurred than the subject in the foreground. For example, if you bring the person near a wall behind him, the portrait mode will not do much and you will not notice a significant difference compared to normal photography systems.

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