How to Use Snapchat Filters on Cats

Snapchat also recognizes cats, here are the new filters dedicated to furry friends. Here are the new Snapchat filters dedicated to cats: here’s how to use them

Snapchat filters for cats: how do they work? How do they use them?

Great news come for all users who use Snapchat and are lovers of cats at the same time.

With the latest update, in fact, Snapchat has decided to extend support for its famous facial filters to cats too. 

Thanks to the recent update, from today you can apply the virtual filters in augmented reality of Snapchat also to your cat.

This is certainly a particular and unique initiative, but in theory it is used to try to revive the fortunes of the company after the sharp decline in daily active users, from 191 million in the first quarter to 188 million in the following period, according to the latest financial data.

But let’s see in detail all the news of this cat filter just launched by Snapchat. 

Snapchat filters for cats: how do they work?

As anticipated, the new secret weapon of Snapchat points all over cats through a filter called Cat Lenses, which allows you to recognize any type of cat, applying the usual customizations, typical of the application of Snap Inc.

It does not change anything compared to the filters already available to humans, the only difference is that these filters actually augmented recognize our furry friends and are applied to perfection on their face.

As for humans, we will have available hearts, hats, slices of bread and so on and so forth; just try this new filter in augmented reality to discover all the decorative elements designed by Snapchat for our furry friend, ready to become the absolute protagonist of new shots.

If already in the past pets were the protagonists of selfies and photos to share on social networks, now the amount of images dedicated to felines will increase exponentially thanks to/due to this new Snapchat filter.

If the news was not clear to you, here is a video that shows it in detail:

As we can easily note, the new algorithm allows to distinguish perfectly the feline from the human being, proposing the right personalization according to the framed subjects.

Will it also come for dogs in the future? It is not excluded.

As always, to try the new functionality, simply download the updated application to the latest version and start decorating your pet with hats, glasses or slices of bread.

Download Snapchat latest updated version

Here are the links to download Snapchat for Android and iOS:

  • Snapchat | Android | Google Play Store, Free
  • SnapchatiOS | iTunes App Store, Free


With this news on Snapchat we have concluded.

Have you already tried the new feature? What do you think about it? Do you like? Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!

Considering that usually Instagram copies Snapchat on the spin, we will see how long it will take the competing social network to introduce a similar function.

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