On new Galaxy with Samsung Experience 10 it will be possible to use Substratum without having active ROOT permissions. At start the wild modding also on the Samsung

You can use Substratum without ROOT on the new Samsung

Android 9 Pie and Substratum have a conflictual relationship since the birth of the last distribution of the operating system of Google but something starts to move and on the latest smartphones of the Galaxy series, it can be used even without having the active ROOT permissions.

In fact, on the Samsung Experience 10 based on Android Pie, the South Korean giant has opened a door to modding and Substratum using the Samsung Theme Engine, would allow extreme modding even on Samsung devices without having the active ROOT permissions.

The news was leaked on the net after the first devices with official beta firmware, based on the Samsung Experience 10 that runs under Android 9 Pie, has been distributed on some devices and it has emerged that you can use Substratum without activating the super administrator permissions on device.

The installation of Substratum and the Andromeda plugin, you can install it without ROOT on the latest Samsung devices that have Android 9 Pie and the update of the graphic theme Experience 10, and after rebooting you can customize your device to the maximum.

We only hope that this change is also active in the final versions of Samsung firmware and not only in these beta phases.


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