Vampyr Tricks For Windows PC Exclusive

Vampyr Trainer: updated and working tricks for the game on Windows PC

Have you just bought the brand new Vampyr game for Windows PC and are you looking for the best-updated tricks? You’re in the right place!

As usual, first we offer the tricks tested and working for the game. Below you can find the Vampyr Trainer download, which allows you to activate many tricks and cheats in the game.

Thanks to these tricks, perfectly tested and working, you can enjoy yourself to the full with your new game just released, taking advantage of features such as invincibility, immortality and endless and unlimited weapons.

Vampyr tricks for Windows PC thanks to the Exclusive Trainer

Returning to the tricks for this game, let’s see together what tricks and codes we have available to win easily on the Windows PC platform.

Remember, for those who do not know, that the trainer for Vampyr is a small program downloadable and compatible only with Windows PC that allows you to add and unlock additional features exclusive to the game.

In particular, this trainer allows to obtain:

  1. Inf.Health – unlimited infinite health, never dying, immortality in Vampyr
  2. Inf.Stamina – unlimited infinite stamina, unlimited infinite energy in Vampyr
  3. Inf.Blood – unlimited infinite blood in Vampyr
  4. Inf.Coins – unlimited infinite money, unlimited coins in Vampyr
  5. Easy Craft
  6. Inf.Items – unlimited infinite items in Vampyr

To understand how to activate these tricks you can watch this video:

Nothing could be simpler.

As you can see, thanks to these tricks your games in the game Vampyr for Windows PC will be much simpler, although obviously the fun will come a little, since the challenges will become all very easy, perhaps too much.

Anyway, having said this, I’ll leave you finally to the download of the program that allows you to activate the tricks in the game.

You can download it from this forum (you will always have the latest updated version):


Before leaving the article, some other info on the game in question.

Vampyr release date

The game, as you know, was released on June 5, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. And if you’re reading this article, you probably already bought the Windows PC version, right?

Vampyr trailer

Here is the trailer for the game:

Vampyr PC requirements

Below you can find the minimum and recommended requirements of the PC version of the game:

About Vampyr 

Vampyr is a promising role-playing game set in London in 1918, just a few months after the end of the First World War. At that time the so-called Spanish Influenza had spread throughout the city, which had caused many victims among the population of the metropolis. The protagonist of the events will be Jonathan Reid, a surgeon with very particular powers, engaged in fighting his fellow men but at the same time subjugated by the typical instincts of his race. The game will be based on an in-depth combat system, accompanied by the exploration and collection of clues.

Numerous special skills and the use of unconventional weapons such as tools and surgical instruments will be provided for both long and short-range approaches. Exactly as happened in previous titles signed by Dontnod, you will have to make choices that will influence the continuation of the adventure in various ways. A relevant aspect of the game consists in the possibility to hit anyone you want, even the civilian population. However any unnecessary killing or deviant behavior will have consequences on the balance of London streets. These choices will have both short-term and long-term effects and will influence the entire narrative structure.

Vampyr Download and Crack

If you want to download for free the Windows PC game, with the crack already ready to be simply activated, you can read this article:

You will find all the information you need to start the free download of Vampyr for Windows PC with the crack. Nothing could be simpler.


I would say that now it’s really all, have fun!

In case of problems, leave a comment to the article and I will try to help you as soon as possible.