How To Create A Channel On Instagram IGTV

Open new channel on IGTV: here’s how

As we saw yesterday, Instagram officially launched its new application dedicated to publishing and sharing long videos to directly challenge YouTube.


While on Instagram we can still only share videos that last a maximum of 59 seconds (in Stories only 15 seconds), through IGTV we can publish and upload videos that last up to 60 minutes, a bit like on YouTube. 

If you are curious to try IGTV, the new platform of Instagram to upload and share videos ranging from 15 seconds to 60 minutes, in this article I’ll explain how to make the most out of IGTV.

In particular we will go to see together how to create a channel on IGTV. 

In this way you can prepare to share your long movies on the social network and bring them to the attention of all your followers, with the hope of continuing to increase them by making interesting and original material thanks to the many minutes at your disposal.

That said, stop with the chatter and move on to action.

Download IGTV for Android and iOS

First of all I suggest you to download the official IGTV app:

Create a new IGTV channel

At this point, start the IGTV app and log in using your Instagram data.

To create a new channel, you must:

  • click on the gear wheel to go to Settings (located on the right, halfway through the plus or minus screen)
  • click on the item ‘Create a channel’ in the menu that opens
  • IGTV will show you some information (3 screens): go ahead until you get to ‘Create a channel’
  • done. In a few clicks the channel was created in a totally automatic way.

Now you’re ready to start posting your videos on IGTV to entertain your audience.

Remember that you default IGTV uses your Instagram information to create your channel. However, you can click on your IGTV profile picture to see your channel and change any settings.

Create a new IGTV channel from PC, Mac and Web

You can, of course, create a new IGTV channel also from Web browser, without downloading the IGTV app for Android or iOS (although I suggest you to download the program, it will be very useful).

If you want to open a new IGTV channel directly from your computer, without going through the app, simply:

  • go to the Instagram website
  • click on the profile icon at the top right
  • in the window that opens, click on the center on the item “IGTV”
  • click on the blue button with the words “Start”
  • create your own IGTV channel

Simple, easy, fast.

Through this space you can then share and upload your videos on IGTV directly from PC, Mac and Internet browser,  without necessarily going from smartphone.

What is IGTV?

IGTV is essentially a video platform, similar to YouTube,  on which everyone can have their own channel and people can choose to follow it. However, Instagram has tried to make the service different from what users expect to find on YouTube.

IGTV is based on its Instagram contacts and offers the possibility to watch all the videos produced and to discover new ones. Playback starts right away, no need to search and the format is vertical. IGTV is entirely dedicated to the creation and viewing of vertical videos.

For years, YouTube (and Google) has instilled in us the belief that vertical videos were bad (even if at the end even YouTube has never given way). Instead, Instagram thinks differently. Why only vertical videos? Because that’s how we use our phone!

The  Instagram Youtube era has therefore begun.

The company has announced its new IGTV platform where it will be possible to publish long videos that will be visible both through the “explore” page of Instagram and through a dedicated independent app.

IGTV, in addition to allowing anyone to upload videos, can count on content made by various artists including Lele Pons, the former star of Vine, King Bach and Ninja, the streamer of Fortnite.

Videos on IGTV can last between 15 seconds and 10 minutes.

“Larger accounts” and verified ones can upload videos up to 60 minutes. In this case, the upload must be performed by a computer.

Files must be in MP4 format with a minimum aspect ratio of 4: 5 and a maximum of 9:16.

Only vertical videos are accepted.

The maximum size of a 10-minute video must be 650MB.

For videos up to 60 minutes the maximum size allowed is 5.4GB.

How does it work?

As the name suggests, using IGTV wants to be a simple experience like watching television.

When opening the app, a video will start immediately automatically. We talk about videos from people we already follow on Instagram, not a completely random content. Occasionally, however, there may be videos recommended based on our interests.

With a swipe up we can easily discover new contents, through the four sections: “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching.” The first are suggested contents, the second contains those of the people followed, and then we the most popular videos and the ones we’ve already started watching.

You can ofcourse like to like, comment and send videos to friends through Instagram Direct (and more).

There are also the channels, which are the creators themselves.

Following someone on Instagram, his channel (if any) will automatically appear on IGTV.

Anyone with an Instagram account can create a channel. Just upload a video from the app or even from the web.

NOTE: if you do not want to create videos to upload to IGVT, you can safely continue to use the classic Instagram app to watch the new videos for an hourThe IGTV app serves above all the content creators, those who want to populate it with videos. After all, even YouTube has an app dedicated to this, called Studio.

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