How to View Hidden Folders on Mac

How to show hidden Mac folders

New day, new guide dedicated to users holding a computer with macOS operating system.

Today we are going to see a new and faster way to show and view hidden files and folders on Mac. The procedure becomes easier, immediate and convenient, but this is only if your computer has the latest version of Apple’s operating system, ie macOS Sierra. 

Only with the latest versions of macOS can you use a keyboard combination that allows you to view/hide on the fly some files that the Finder normally hides.

We do not waste any more time and see how to show or hide files and folders on Mac in the easiest way possible and without using the Terminal. 

>Show hidden files and folders on Mac without the Terminal

As already mentioned, in the past it was necessary to go through the Terminal, a slightly longer and more inconvenient procedure. But now it’s all simpler and more comfortable, but the guide is only valid on macOS Sierra. No additional programs will be required, just follow these simple directions.

If you have this version of the Apple operating system, you just need:

  • Open the desired Finder window
  • Press the keys together: ⌘ Command + ⇧ Shift + point key
  • As if by magic, files and folders that were previously hidden will now be visible
  • Obviously you just repeat the operation to hide them again

Simple, convenient, fast, right?


We have finished.

Viewing files and folders hidden on your Mac can be useful on many occasions, such as when we want to remove a program in depth from the computer or when we want to edit a file whose name begins with a dot. Thanks to our guide the process to view hidden folders on the Mac becomes simple and fast, certainly within everyone’s reach.

For any doubt or question, all you have to do is leave a comment at the end of the article, we will help you as soon as possible!

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