Are you a user who is active enough on Twitter? Can you do anything but do not know a valid method to get and download GIFs from the social platform? Do not worry, in today’s post we decided to collect, select and describe 5 sites to download GIFs from Twitter online without any effort in details. These resources described below do not allow a real download of files in GIF format, but provide an output document in MP4, just because the GIFs added on Twitter are actually real portions of video in MP4 extension. Now let’s get to know the primary characteristics of these excellent resources and what are the procedures to be used to download GIF directly from Twitter. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the knowledge of these new free tools?

Site index:

  2. Online Twitter Gif Downloader
  5. TubeOffline

1. – ^ is the first site that we are going to present to get quickly and easily GIF files directly from Twitter. It is a real complete tool that can handle any aspect of this format and in fact within the platform you can rotate, collapse, crop and resize any file in GIF format. But what interests us most is to understand how the tool works to download these GIFs using a URL related to the animated image that can not exceed 35 MB in size. is the only resource on the list that allows you to output a file in GIF format and not in MP4 as anticipated in the introduction.

2. Online Twitter Gif Downloader – ^

Another interesting and useful tool to download GIF from Twitter is the Online Twitter GIF Downloader. It is a very well structured and organized site that allows you to insert on the platform the URL related to the GIF to download and provides two types of files as output, one in MP4 format and the other in MP4 HD format. Also you can choose MP3 as an output extension, but since the GIF portions of video, make this download may be highly useless.

3. – ^ is a very intuitive and easy to use site to quickly download GIF directly from Twitter. Like other services, even allows only and exclusively to download portions of video in MP4 format that will form a real GIF. The download process starts by inserting the URL relative to the animated image on the platform and clicking on the Download button. Executed these simple steps will appear a dialog box in which you will see the various download options, just choose the most appropriate and you’re done.

4. – ^

The services already described do not interest you for some reason and would you like to know other platforms that allow you to download GIF directly from Twitter? is another good resource that offers the tools you need to download animated images in MP4 format with confidence. If you are looking for a free, easy-to-use tool that fully performs your work, then is the site to save as a favorite.

5. TubeOffline – ^

We conclude the talk about Twitter and GIF with a tool known as the TubeOfflline. Compared to other sites created for the same purpose, TubeOfflline allows you to choose the final quality (Low, Medium or High) to be assigned to the MP4 file to be downloaded directly from Twitter. In addition, the output formats available on the platform are: FLV, WMV, MP3, MP4 and AVI, but what is of interest to us is only the MP4 format because the GIFs to download on Twitter are basically portions of video.