Working of CPU : What is CPU and how it works

The CPU or processor is the “brain” of every computer and mobile phone on the planet: it is the component responsible for performing all the operations necessary for the device to function. Without it, you can’t do much on your device.

Understand below what is CPU and how it works.

What is CPU?

What is CPU?

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, the computer component that concentrates all the major operations that allow your PC, mobile phone, tablet or video game to work. It is no exaggeration, therefore, to refer to the CPU as the “brain” of these devices.

The basic structure of a CPU is divided into three main parts:

  • Logic and Arithmetic Unit (ALU or ALU): the one in charge of performing the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and Boolean Algebra logic operations (IF, AND and OR);
  • Control Unit (UC): responsible for extracting data from memory, decoding and executing it, consulted the ALU when necessary;
  • Registers: The fastest and therefore most expensive CPU memory units in its class, reserved for CPU-only use, which depend on high access speeds.

In short, the CPU is responsible for processing all major operating operations of a computer. Therefore, it is commonly called a processor.

How does the processor work?

Modern processors work with a crystal oscillator, which uses the piezoelectric effect (mechanical stress electrical emission) to synchronize and inform the measurement of data transfer time. This speed is measured in cycles per second or Hertz (Hz) and is assigned to the processor speed itself. We also often call this processor speed “clock”.

When a processor has a 2 GHz clock printed on it, it means that it transfers data at a speed of 2 billion cycles per second. However, the power of the component depends on factors other than clock, such as bus width, amount of cache memory, architecture, and so on.

Intel 8086: Launched in 1978, was the first x86 microprocessor

CPU is not the case?

Definitely not.

Many people often call “CPU” to the “case” of the desktop, which contains the motherboard, storage drives and other components. However, the term refers only to the processor, the most important component of any computer or mobile phone.

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