What is Lucky Pokémon in Pokémon Go

The Pokémon Lucky is a new category available only on Pokémon Go. While the Shiny version of a species has only aesthetic effects, with a different coloring, the lucky ones tend to be stronger monsters and spend less to strengthen themselves.

Pokémon Go

What is a Lucky Pokémon

The category was introduced in Pokémon Go and remains only in that game in the franchise. You don’t find a Lucky Pokémon in nature, it is obtained by exchanging one already captured with a friend.

Among the advantages of a Lucky Pokémon is the reduction of the amount of Star Dust to strengthen it and the possibility of being a monster with stronger attributes for battle (Attack, Defense and Health) in Gyms or Raid.

It is different from a Shiny Pokémon, which only has aesthetic characteristics, which does not influence the Pokémon’s strength. To identify those who are lucky, just check the description below the name and its background effect on the Pokédex.

How to Get Lucky

In exchange, this is the only method of successfully transforming an ordinary Pokémon into Lucky. They do not appear in nature to capture.

The transformation is random, but there are a few ways to increase the chance that a Pokémon will be lucky during the switch.

  • Longer time spent with a Pokémon:
    If you captured the Pokémon a long time ago and decide to trade it with a friend, the chances of it getting lucky increase;
  • Lucky Friendship:
    The first Pokémon to be exchanged when you get Lucky Friendship is guaranteed to become a Lucky One.

How does Lucky Friendship work?

There are four levels of friendship in Pokémon Go:

  1. Beautiful Friendship;
  2. Great friendship;
  3. Ultra-friendship;
  4. Unparalleled Friendship.

To reach this last level, you must have played at least 90 days with a friend. Whether exchanging gifts, making some exchange or battling.

After receiving the title of Unmatched Friendship, the next interactions between friends can result in the transformation to a Lucky Friendship – a notification is sent to notify you of the status. After that, the first exchange between the two players will result in a Pokémon with luck for both sides.

After the exchange is made, the Lucky Friendship status is cleared, and it is necessary to regain the title.

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