What to do before selling a Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is an e-reader that has found success in recent years, it is an ebook reader, digital books available in various formats, which thanks to its memory is able to contain miles and thousands of titles to read comfortably on its screen, which can be from 6 inches up to 8 inches, in the Fire HD version.

You are among those who have tried but who can not give up the pleasure of reading a book and feel the paper in your fingers, you want to know what to do before selling a Kindle, so in this article we will explain briefly what are the steps to be done.

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Delete the account

The first thing to do is to delete the Amazon account on the Kindle, this will delete all books purchased and downloaded on the device.

To delete the account you can access the appropriate section directly from the device, or go to the Amazon.com site and in the My Account section proceed with the removal of the associated Kindle account and device.

In addition, you can also manage and delete your Kindle Unlimited subscription by clicking here; remember that before selling the device, for reasons of privacy, you must always remove your account and all data.

Restore the factory settings

After removing the account, you must bring the Kindle to its initial conditions, which means to restore the factory settings, but before that we recommend to save all the books and content that are present on the device, as they will be removed and lost permanently.

To restore to factory settings, enter the number 111222777 instead of the Parental Control password.

Then from the initial screen, tap the Menu icon > Settings> Menu> Device Reset and the Kindle will restart.

Clean the Kindle

If you are selling the Kindle you must also think about how it looks outwardly, before putting it in the box, clean the screen using specially designed wipes for touch screens, avoiding the use of products such as alcohol and detergents that would irreparably damage it.

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