What’s the difference between Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass

If you have an Xbox, you’ve certainly found an ad about the services available for it: Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass. The two have a monthly subscription of $9.99, but deliver different resources. Check below the function of each one of them.

What's the difference between Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass

Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass is a subscription that gives you access to a catalog of games for your Xbox One at no additional cost. It works like a Netflix, only for games.

The advantage of this service is that there is no need to spend on new titles, as Microsoft often includes games in that library. To date, the catalog includes 260 games for Xbox One, which can be played at no extra cost in addition to the $9.99 subscription.

But the Xbox Live Gold is the one that activates the online features of the Xbox One or 360. Without it you can not play online multiplayer with friends, for example.

But, in Live Gold, the user has other benefits as well, such as Games With Gold – which offers four free games per month, two for Xbox One and two for Xbox 360 – and Deals With Gold – offers of 50% to 75% on purchases of titles selected by Microsoft, in the console store.

Can you sign both?

Yes! Microsoft has a plan that includes two services in one: the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

This costs $14.99 per month (against $9.99 for each of the previous ones) and includes all the features of both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. As a bonus, Ultimate also gives you access to the PC game library (Windows). It is a great attraction for those who want to explore a vast catalog, play online with friends and still save some money by buying other content.

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