How Osmino Wi-Fi works and precautions should you take

The Osmino Wi-Fi is an application that lists Wi-Fi networks around the world and facilitates connection to the user offering an automatic process. However, you must be careful, as it stores names and passwords and any network you are already using, even private ones, also automatically. See how to use Osmino Wi-Fi.

How Osmino Wi-Fi works and precautions should you take

How Osmino Wi-Fi works

Osmino Wi-Fi is an application that functions as a sharing platform, compiling around 20 million Wi-Fi network points and their passwords worldwide. It has a very useful feature, which allows you to automatically connect the user to the wireless internet network selected in the application.

In addition, it also has a network map function, available even in offline mode, and also offers a connection speed test. Even ads can be removed without paying, as long as you access the app for 5 straight days.

However, the application has a serious weakness: the network and password sharing feature is automatic, once you are connected and open Osmino Wi-Fi, and cannot be reversed. The service does not allow users to delete networks they have registered, as it does not provide profiles (it does not have social network functions).

Special attention:

That way, NEVER open the app if you are connected to your home, someone else’s or a private company’s network, or the access point will be irreparably shared and will remain in the database, without being able to be deleted. If you inadvertently end up sharing your private connection, change the name and password.

How to use Osmino Wi-Fi

  1. Go to or, download and install Osmino Wi-Fi;
  2. Open the application and tap the network you want to connect to;
  3. If the network is within range of your cell phone, you will be automatically connected;
  4. If you open the app already connected to a network that is not registered with the service, its data (including password) will be collected and saved on the platform automatically.