6 Best WhatsApp Alternative for iPhone and iPad

Are you looking for an alternative to WhatsApp for iPhone and iPad but can not decide which app to refer to? There are many applications that can replace WhatsApp for free and with excellent performance, but each of them can also have negative elements.

So let’s see the different WhatsApp alternatives that you can refer to for your iPhone and iPad.


At the application level alternative to WhatsApp for iPhone and iPad you can start from Telegram.

This app was created to ensure higher levels of security than other instant messaging applications, as its features would allow less chance of external interference.

First of all, Telegram is based on the cloud system, thanks to which, in fact, files and other elements that are exchanged between users are encrypted and protected more than what happens with WhatsApp.

The other positive elements of Telegram, which can be included in its pro, are:

  • Possibility of easily exchanging large files;
  • Delivery speed of messages and attachments;
  • Presence of an attached browser that will allow you to search for files and other images with just a few clicks;
  • It will not be necessary to register for the app, but only to enter your data;
  • It is not necessary to exchange your telephone number with other users;
  • The app can also be accessed directly from the web browser of your computer;

Obviously, even this application can have negative sides :

  • You can contact the user only through Telegram, not having access to his phone number;
  • Many do not know the app and can not be found using it;
  • Creating groups can sometimes create more confusion than WhatsApp;


Another alternative to WhatsApp for iPhone and iPad is definitely Viber.

Viber was born as an application thanks to which an easy-to-use VoIP system is available, but in the field of alternatives to WhatsApp it is still little known.

Surely when you want to choose it will be possible to notice some pro related to this app:

  • It is an app that supports many different platforms, which are not only mobile but also at the PC and Mac level;
  • Allows you to easily send text and images;
  • Allows you to make calls and video calls, even if this service is still little used by some users;
  • It also allows you to have access to the VoIP service to make calls to any other number;

Also in this case we can highlight some against Viber :

  • The app is still little known and is used only by some users;
  • To make calls in VoIP you will need to pay;


Another alternative to WhatsApp for iPhone and iPad is surely LINE an application through which you can send messages and multimedia files of different kinds, all with a simple interface but, at the same time, catchy.

The positive elements of LINE are certainly the following:

  • Ability to send messages of different types and also mini videos;
  • Ability to use the application on different platforms, which also include OS X and Linux;
  • Possibility to also make voice calls;

There are also some counter-related to the Alternative App to WhatsApp for iPhone and iPad:

  • You will not often be able to contact another user outside of the app because you do not know his phone number;


Another alternative to WhatsApp for iPhone and iPad is WeChat, an application that was born in China but is slowly becoming popular in most of countries.

It is certainly an application very similar to social networks and can be indicated as an excellent competitor compared to WhatsApp.

Therefore, it has some positive aspects, such as:

  • Ability to send messages of different types, including video and audio;
  • Access to the walkie-talkie function;
  • Possibility of integration with other platforms, such as Facebook;
  • Ability to comment on photos posted by other users;
  • Access through different platforms, even non-mobile;

Even WeChat can have, however, some negative sides:

  • Restriction for creating group chats that do not support more than 40 participants;
  • Ability to be contacted even by people who are not in your group of friends, as the app is very similar to a social network;


Another alternative app to WhatsApp for iPhone and iPad is Signal, an application that is widespread above all abroad.

The app is much appreciated by all those who want to have maximum security in their communications, as all messages that are received and sent are encrypted.

Here, then, are the positive elements of Signal :

  • Ability to send “timed” messages that will be deleted after a predetermined time by users;
  • Ability to make even encrypted audio calls;
  • It is not necessary to create separate profiles, just use your phone number;
  • Ability to use the app for free;

The negative elements of this application can be the following:

  • The disappearance of encrypted messages that can no longer be recovered;
  • The impossibility of citing received messages, an element that often makes the thread of discourse lose, especially in groups;
  • Difficulty, sometimes, in the recognition of contacts in the phone book;

Facebook Messenger

Another application that can be used as an alternative to WhatsApp for iPhone and iPad is definitely Facebook Messenger.

This app has several positive elements:

  • Ease of use and integration with Facebook;
  • Ability to send files and multimedia messages;
  • Possibility to add gif and sticker without problems;
  • Speed of use and connection;

Also in this case, however, some negative points are identified :

  • Limited privacy, as everyone can contact you;
  • Possibility to record audio messages of a maximum duration of one minute;


For a long time Skype was the PC/Mac program thanks to which to make video calls and free calls, but today it is also used as an alternative to WhatsApp for iPhone and iPad.

It has some strong points, which are certainly the following :

  • Ability to make calls and chat for free;
  • Access easy to use;
  • Support related to different platforms;

However, you can also highlight the negative sides:

  • It is an often unstable application and it is heavy from the point of view of the use of memory;
  • It is not based on telephone numbers, but on usernames that can also be very different from the name of the contacted person;

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