WhatsApp for Business: Learn how to use the business application

WhatsApp Business is a dedicated business messenger application for Android only. Therefore, iPhone users do not have access to business features. Free for download, it was created to meet the needs of small businesses – increasingly popular among those offering services and products.

How WhatsApp Business is different for these users is that the application makes it easy to interact with customers, including tools for automating, sorting, and responding quickly to messages (features not available in the “home app”).

How to download WhatsApp Business

The app is available in the Google Play Store, just search by its name. It is worth noting that there is a “B” Business on the WhatsApp balloon, to differentiate.

  1. Download WhatsApp Business and open the app,
  2. Tap “Agree and Continue,
  3. Allow the app to access contacts, photos, and files,
  4. Enter and verify your business phone number.


If your mobile number is already being used in WhatsApp, the application will inform and suggest that you transfer the phone number to WhatsApp Business. Accept the suggestion and tap Continue. Enter the code you receive.

After that, WhatsApp will restore the backup of messages to the phone number.

The application is named “WA Business” on your mobile phone.

You can use both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger applications on the same phone. However, each application must be linked to its own phone number (ideal for those using two or more SIMs). However, it is not possible to have a phone number linked to both applications at the same time.

How to use WhatsApp Business

How to edit the Business Profile in WhatsApp Business

The first thing the app will suggest is that you create your “Business Profile”. It may include useful information for your customers, such as your physical map address, company description, times, e-mail address and website.

Among business accounts, you will see three types.

WhatsApp has verified that the account belongs to an authentic brand.
A verified account has a green icon with a tick in your profile.

WhatsApp has confirmed that the phone number in this account matches the phone number of the company. A verified account has a gray icon with a tick.

Business account (yours)
This account uses the WhatsApp Business application, but has not yet been verified. A business account has a gray icon with a question mark on your profile (in the chat application with that company).

A company can not request or pay to have a verified or confirmed account.

“At the moment, only a few companies are verified. Business verification is based on several factors, for example if the brand is known. Business accounts can be confirmed if the WhatsApp phone number matches the business phone number. If your business account is not verified, filling out the company profile can help provide information”, it says.

How to use labels in WhatsApp Business

You can organize your contacts or conversations using labels so you can easily find them. Touch Settings> Tags to see the app’s own default tags: new customer, new order, pending payment, payment, and completed order. You can create new tags in (+), but the color is automatic.

Using labels

In each conversation, open the three-point menu and tap “add tag to conversation.” Choose which tag you want to include or create a new one on this same screen. Replace it whenever necessary. For example: from “payment pending” to “payment”.

Quick Replies in WhatsApp Business

Another benefit is the Quick Replies tool, where you can save the most frequently sent messages and reuse them to answer the most common questions your company receives such as service prices, delivery time, delivery scope, payment or a waiting message.

To register quick answers, go to the three-point menu> Settings> Company Settings. There you can choose to edit three types of messages.

  • Absence message;
  • Greeting message;
  • Quick answers;

Just tap (+) to add a message. You can write a text message and include emojis. You can also set a shortcut to this message that will always begin with a bar/name. You also set up to three keywords. In each conversation, hit the bar/ and find the one that suits you best.

Set an absence message for when you can not respond to your customers so they are told when they will receive a response. You can also create a greeting message to showcase your business.

Message flow statistics

WhatsApp Business also provides access to important metrics, such as the number of messages sent successfully, delivered, and read by people who are interested in your products or services. To access your statistics go to the three point menu> Settings> Company Settings> Statistics.

There is a summary of the total volume of messages sent, messages delivered, messages read and messages received. No graphics or complex data yet.

These data, however, are not accessible via the computer, via the WhatsApp mobile app alone, and show the entire sum of messages without dividing by period.

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